The reason Delta wins (no matter what they do to the award program).

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rene in lax diamond service

You know it’s funny. Whenever my fellow bloggers or my self talk about Delta and whatever the latest negative change that has impacted the frequent flyer program, they always say something like:

“Delta is undeniably a well run airline with a solid product”.

And they are right. This past week I have been flying Delta almost nonstop. I have first hand seen weather impact me and so many others. I have seen tweets about so many failures on American & United’s efforts or lack of efforts to fix things. But Delta does things differently.

rene tweets landing lax

During my travels I have had issues but Delta fixed them, fee free, due to the weather waivers in place. Yesterday, with a tight connection in LAX I jokingly tweeted when we landed that I hoped the Delta Porsche would be waiting for me as it was going to be tight to make it from one side of the airport to the other.

And you know what, it was!

I spend a great deal of time debating so much Delta with my friend MJ on Travel, and all of the Delta award program changes HAS impacted his choices as I am sure it has others – but when it comes to taking care of elite flyers Delta just does a REALLY fine job. – René


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  1. Two things.

    One, they must love and hate your love-hate relationship with them. I wonder how they respond privately when you tweet them. “Oh, gosh, it’s that guy, again!” Or, you wonder if they treat you special because they know everything will be published on the blog. I, for one, always wonder if they keep a record of all these interactions in a file that pops up whenever you call or e-mail. Haven’t they terminated their relationship with other pesky travelers?

    Second, your love-hate relationship is so funny. It’s like one of those comedies on TV. Really.

  2. Had this exact issue last night. My original RSW-ATL was delayed and would’ve missed the last flight home.

    The RSW GA was awesome. I got a text alert before the GA knew of the delay and he just said “OK, lets get you out of here”. While boarding the earlier flight to ATL, with a few clicks, he gave me a seat. 90 seconds later I was sitting on the plane.

    As a DM, I use Delta as I would a commuter train. I need to get to work and home in a reliable manner. If an airline can’t do that for me, I can’t do my job.

    While the benefits of status and being on time are so much more important than Skymiles, I still want to be appreciated by a company I do business with.

  3. @FNT Delta – “We now resume our regularly scheduled program of bashing the award program changes” 😉

  4. I would have to agree. I’ve been lurking on your site for some time and, like you, have been frustrated at the many changes, especially now that I’m Platinum. That said, I used to be based out of SFO and spent many miles on United. Now that I’m out of NYC, I have to say that flying Delta is a pleasure. I was reminded of that on my DEN > SFO flight yesterday. I don’t miss those awful seats!

  5. I have to wonder if your blog, that is read by so many of us Delta fliers, had something to do with your ride. If it were one of the other many diamond members would they receive the same? I’d like to hope so. Possibly they were just giving a little preferred treatment to the person they know can infuence so many others. I have to admit I’m jealous though.

  6. Yes I have to agree. I was a diamond for the last 2 years and platinum before that. Last year after all the changes I decided to start flying several of the other airlines. I was quickly dissapointed with United, US Air and then America. I hate the fact the others don’t have a better run operation so that I could travel more with them. Anyways, I’m not working on getting diamond back again since I’m not a lowly gold flier.

    Keep up the good work Rene and make sure you help us keep Delta honest.

  7. I was an NW platinum for many years prior to the merger and a DL diamond since. And I do stay with DL in spite of the changes in the award program — because DL does take care of me. Reroutes when weather or other problems impact my travels, fairness with change fees (last week the change fee was waived when I had to cancel a trip because of a health problem), and with a bit of work on my part, ability to find and book low level awards, and for me great success with GUCs. I felt the same way about NW, although with them I would have liked more updated planes. .

  8. I see how you are … Delta dangles a measly Porsche ride and you roll over on your back like my dog! Ok, raise your right hand and now slap yourself up aside the face! Just kidding – I am just mad I was not there!

  9. I am as insulted by the #KeepDescending rout as everyone else. For a week or two, I debated a shift in my air travel which likely would demote me to Platinum next year. After I allowed my anger to subside, though, I realized that I will miss the first-class upgrades dearly now that the mothership has monetized them but punctual flights with few cancellations and proper baggage handling trump the perquisites of status. Besides, I DESPISE paying baggage fees and grin from ear to ear every time I check in for my Delta itinerary and don’t pay a dime for my checked luggage. Delta is a keeper, even though my Diamond status now means half of what it did at this time last year.

  10. Rene, You are too modest. I would bet that your delta experiences are impacted by more than your DM status given my own experiences anyway.

  11. Sure hope that Delta steps up to “fix things” for the weather impacted passengers on DL #1086

  12. Rene, come on friend! I’m a DM but have never seen the perks, benefits, and treatment you talk about. Maybe I don’t know the questions to ask or the buttons to push, but please don’t tell us it has nothing to do with this blog. That is simply hard to digest.

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