So Delta called me today about an equipment change – what would you have done?

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After all the miserable award changes Delta has made this year I really like getting value from SkyRubles. I was able to jump on, out of South Bend no less, the 20k RT award sale to Florida and will be flying down to see my dad.

But then about an hour ago Delta calls me. I thought about putting them on hold just for fun (they do it to us right) but was nice enough to answer right away.

change from 739 to 738

You see my scheduled bird from ATL to RSW, a 737-900 had been downgraded to a 737-800. The problem was I was in row 5 with my upgraded seat. There is no row 5 in 1st class on a 737-800. I was presented with the option to change to another flight or accept a downgrade (yeah I see one open seat too, but I was on the phone and could not see that at the time).

Now the latter option is just not OK. Yes, yes, I know, it was a complimentary upgrade, but you see Delta is really good about stuff like this. I had already checked in and when stuff like this happens last minute, and they downgrade an elite who is already upgraded, you can get a certificate much like a regional upgrade certificate good for one year for a first class upgrade. I did not ask for this, but maybe I should have as there could have been a great bumpertunity I have now missed out on.

However, I was on an early AM flight. I like not being on early AM flights. I also like lunch / dinner type flights. So, I switched to the perfect flights for me and was able to keep my first class seat down to Florida. Not a bad deal to me. But did I make the right call?

What would you have done? Would you have stuck with the flights and gone with the upgrade certificate or pushed for some other compensation or would you have done the same as me and just negotiated the best possible flights? – René

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  1. Prob would of stuck on trying to get a bump or try to get some comp from them

  2. Me? Well, I’m about travel time more than perks. Get me where I need to be, with my luggage, and when I need to be there, and I’m good.
    I’m still shocked you got a phone call……..I would have been informed at boarding.

  3. What are the rules here?

    The closest comparison for me was when I has flights from FNT-ATL and ATL-DCA. Both segments had upgrades clear in advance. Weather caused changes. I ended up changing to ORF, as none of the other northern Virginia airports were open for business without a significant risk of delay. When the elite desk changed my flights they voided my upgrades. I couldn’t get them back until threw a fit and a supervisor gave the upgrade back on the firm segment, which remained the same, and confirmed an upgrade on my new second segment.

  4. @FNT – When weather is in play all is out the window. This was a confirmed, checked-in UG and they just swapped equipment. Thus the call. Normally this is done at gate. I know more and more Delta is calling when flights are oversold as they can negotiate lower bump deals over the phone (or so I have been told).

  5. Wait. You got a call? I would have totally put them on hold (to fire up my laptop) but only after asking them if they would like to take a short survey after the call. PM flights are better for me, you did good IMHO.

  6. I had one of these post check in last year when I lost the last row in first on an MD80 for a 717. They have me 300 and put me on a flight 1:15 later. Good trade for me that day.

  7. You got a phone call? Lucky you. This morning I was just looking at a DL trip that I had booked to find my return trip lit up RED! DL made a schedule change and now leg 2 takes off before leg 1 lands. No phone call from DL. No email from DL. Nothing. I am even more agitated because this is a paid first class booking. When were we going to find this out, after we were left at ATL with no ride? Rene, be glad you at least got a phone call.

  8. @Steve – So, you need to look for just the PERFECT flights you want. Then call DL and make it happen 🙂

  9. I would go with what you did Rene. In fact I had a schedule change yesterday that set me at a -20 minute connection time and an equipment downgrade from crj900 to crj on a different itinerary when I had bought a first/business ticket. After rearranging to a more favorable arrival time with a connection in MSP instead of ATL on the first ticket (plus extra MQM and keeping us first class all the way as originally bought) I then inquired if anything could be done with my now downgraded flight. I provided the flight numbers I preferred and after a manual reissue we now have a 717 ride to ATL and a longer ride on the upper deck of a 747 to AMS for the wife and I (plus extra MQM’s to boot and zero chance of a downgrade now). As you say take advantage of schedule changes – especially as a Diamond Medallion!

  10. On a 500 mile flight like this I would have taken a coach seat and pushed for some compensation. If I could get an upgrade instrument that would be wonderful. However, I’m not Diamond, and as a Platinum I only get upgraded about 30% of the time, so an upgrade instrument that could be used on a longer flight would be very useful.

    Honestly, I’m really surprised Delta called you instead of just downgrading the lowest people on the upgrade list.

  11. @Kurt – As mentioned, that is not the way Delta plays. Once you have and UG you are UGed or they will make it right. One of the things Delta REALLY does right! 🙂

  12. I had a very similar schedule change happen to me recently. (had a call missed from Delta SIN with message to call them about a change) My outbound segments were changed due to a cancellation to arrive after my return segments were completed … As a DM my first call said that it would cost me to make a change to the itinerary. HUH? I politely said I am confused and may I call back? 3 days later I call the DM line again. This time I was told no problem that if I wanted to just cut the middle segments out and fly the main round trip segments it would be fine. In fact the miles earned were almost the same!

    This confirms what I have learned from Deltapoints … status matters, be nice, and do not be afraid to ask for something better after researching what is available!

  13. This is the standard Delta procedure on this route. RSW is my “home” airport and they do this all of the time. If its an outbound and I am connecting out of ATL or DTW, I’m usually able to get a complementary upgrade all of the way to my final destination if I ask nicely.

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