SWAG Saturday: Delta Tumi kit, Delta Points swag & more. This week it is my turn!

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21march swag delta points

This week it is my turn. Not for a prize, but just to simply say thank you so much to YOU. I wish I could give a prize package to all ½ million views of the blog this year already, but I can at least say thank you so much to everyone. All the kind e-mails, great comments and the fun of meeting so many of you out and about is just a blast and means the world to me. So again, thank you all and for reading and supporting the blog!

This week will be really simple for a shot at winning the above including a Delta Tumi kit. I have 5 sets so there will be 5 winners picked next Friday night late. Just leave any kind of comment at all on this post. Have a request for some kind of post? Have something to share about something good or bad that happened on a Delta flight? A deal we should know about? Just anything at all and I will use to pick the 5 winners. Please only one entry per person. Have fun! – René


Gold Delta SkyMiles®
Credit Card from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Nina DeltaGoldLass is PM Reply

    Hi Rene over the years since your blog started, I have learned SO much and thoroughly enjoy your informative style and personal perspective of delta related interests! It is an honor to be friends! Looking forward to #atlanta! Hope there are some east coast to anywhere mile runs soon 😉 be Well and happy

  2. I really appreciate the time and efforts you put into keeping us aware of the latest events. Thanks a million …

  3. David Taylor Reply

    Ever since I started following a few weeks ago, it’s been a pleasure to read the blog. Good job!

  4. I always enjoy your blog a lot. Thank you for the great content you never fail to deliver. Thumbs-up!

  5. i just want to say a huge “thank you” for everything you share on your blog. I’ve used your strategy to achieve gold (so far) medallion status for my husband, and the times we have received the first class upgrade have been a blessing. We appreciate all of the time you put into the blog, and perhaps one day we will spot you at DTW!

  6. As Delta starts getting in more of SEA market, I really look forward to reading more of your posts pertaining deals and running opportunities originating from SEA. Thanks!

  7. Hi Rene, love the blog and have really enjoyed the Delta Mileage Run page. Can you find a few more great deals out of MSP? Thanks!!

  8. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    @R don’t devalue the blog like that! Lol

    @René you have links/codes for uber lyft driver sign up? :-). I’ll come grab you next time in ATL. Who wants to ride with MJ anyway. Ha , have a good one.

  9. SwedishShef Reply

    1/2 million views!?! That’s wonderful, a lot of folks out there appreciate your efforts!

  10. Rene, You don’t have to thank us. You’ve shared so much vital and important information with us over time and we Thank You for your time and effort put into this blog!

  11. Rene… one for me today….turned away at the KLM lLounge in AMS because we did not have a connecting flight…no problem in September….now …no admittance! Guess that’s what happens with the higher price?

  12. Bruce Weinberg Reply

    Thanks for writing a great and informative blog. One of my favorites.

  13. Your blog has helped me to gold this year and likely platinum next year. It was funny to walk by my coworker to board in first class while he’s been traveling a lot longer!

  14. Thanks for all the information you pass along. Love reading it.

  15. I was on a Delta flight early this week, my only complaint is that in the row in front of me there was a guy who got on the flight who was already drunk at 8am New York time and the flight attendants sold him 8 drinks even though he was being quite obnoxious.

  16. Thanks to your tips this is my first year as Delta Diamond. Thanks to the destruction of Skymiles 2015 it will also be my last!! #keepdescending @Delta

  17. Thanks, Rene for an informative blog. I much appreciate the time and effort you expend.

  18. Congrats on the great numbers and loyal followers. YOU are a winner in my book

  19. I honestly don’t follow your blog as closely as others UNTIL a Delta flight is on the horizon, but then I have tons of informative posts to catch up on so thanks!

  20. I have enjoyed your trip reports, especially Sweden, over the past couple of years.

  21. I enjoy your blog and look forward to keeping up with the best ways to earn/redeem miles

  22. thanks for all the advice…still learning……great blog and congrats on the 1/2 mill

  23. Michael H.(oldfox)i Reply

    Rene, thanks for keeping us updated on Delta and travel in general. Things are changing so quickly.

  24. Thanks for all the good information on your site. Used it for a mileage run!

  25. Patti chylinski Reply

    Tried to use my companion certificate to LAX in 3 weeks from DTW for 2 Ridiculous. 9,383 for round trip. Same flight regular fare 945. Both main cabin. Called promotions and yhey said that’s correct fair for the limited companion seats

  26. I love your objective look at the program and how, while still heavily invested in the system, you are able to comment on the good and the bad. Keep it up. It helps us all out…a LOT!

  27. Thanks for all you do, and special thanks for the Rookie Wednesday posts. There are a lot of us out there who really need and appreciate the help.

  28. Thanks for such a well written blog! I don’t fly Delta as much as in the past (you can guess the reasons!) but I admire your dedication amidst the frustrations of writing a Delta blog!

  29. Your blog has been incredibly helpful and insightful to flying with status. Just keep on doing what you are doing, I think it’s great!

  30. Keep up the good work! I enjoy your writing.

    Thanks for your generousity too!

    Safe travels.

  31. This is a great site to find out about changes happening at Delta and suggestions about how to respond.

  32. Randy White Reply

    Without your great informative blog, flying Delta won’t be the same.

  33. Thanks for all the info you provide. I have learned a lot on here. Sad to see things descending the way they are though.

  34. You do such a wonderful job. Thanks. Just wondering what is your “day” job!

  35. Rene, thank you for helping me navigate the sometimes choppy Delta Seas. And also for posting the C+ chart/instruction sheet.

  36. Renee, i know your blog has kept me updated on delta. Without your information on doing mileage run I won’t be Gm this year.

  37. Read your blog every day. Just scored low level award flight for two (120,000 miles) to London over the Fourth of July period for 10 days. Thanks for the tips.

  38. How about a lesson on how to use Skymiles to get to specific locations, Central America, Hawaii, Africa, etc. thanks for all the advice!

  39. I’m trying to book a Delta award ticket and somehow I missed the news that Delta no longer allows reservation holds like they used to for award tickets. Not that those holds always worked as they seemed to just disappear. Is there any way to hold an award reservation anymore?


    Love the blog, missed my moving to silver last year by $80 mqm”s. Delta wanted to buy $600 dollars worth of mqm’s to get there. To bad i didn’t know about your website. Any suggestions for the future. Not yet able to get a Delta Amex or would have solved my problem.

  41. Thanks for all the tips and updates you provide about Delta- even the Good, the Bad and The Ugly. I have learned so much form your experiences and look forward to reading each and everyone of your Delta Points emails

  42. christine pincince Reply

    I have learned so much from you and appreciate how much work it is for you. thank you…c

  43. Rene,
    Thanks for the insight and for keeping us informed on all the Delta shenanigans!

  44. John Yrungaray Reply

    Always the first blog I check everyday. Recently subscribed to get notifications of new posts via email. Even better. Keep up the great work!

  45. Please cover the Albany Airport, but I know that no one cares but me haha. I would love the Tumi kit!

  46. I always enjoy reading your blog and it is always very informative and accurate. I wish I was able to travel as much as you because I love flying and meeting new people.

    Thank you and safe travels

  47. Rene, your blog is one of the first things I read every morning. Keep them coming.

  48. Great blog! I like the way you separate the Delta spin from reality. I find myself reading your blog more and more as we see more changes from Delta. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!!

  49. Love your blog. I keep reading because I learn things, travel vicariously, commiserate or am otherwise entertained by your posts. Keep traveling and posting.

  50. Norris Krueger Reply

    This blog would have been worth it for “SkyRubles” aone! 🙂

  51. I refer everyone who asks about Delta to you first. Thanks for all you do

  52. I have been loyal to DL for many years (Platinum in 2015 again), but my loyalty is fading because of recent SkyMiles changes that I learned about through your blog! I fly a lot to the Caribbean and I’m appalled at the number of miles it takes to fly ATL-SJU! Keep up the Great Work!

  53. Thank you for your Blog! I live within 3 airports all with Delta service so I am a loyal Delta flyer. I will tell you that on a return flight from Geneva before March 1st, I was upgraded to BC as a Platinum. It was a pleasant surprise. But, I am only Silver for this year so I can kiss those upgrades GOODBYE!

  54. Jane Roedel Reply

    Thank you for keeping us informed by sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  55. I’d just like to see about joining up with you for dinner near MSP.

  56. your blog rocks! What do you think of Deltas new trial boarding lanes at B7 in ATL? I got to use it this week on my last trip, I thought the lane boarding wag great

  57. Thanks so much for just how nice your blog is. Even when you criticize, you are nice about it and I appreciate that as much as all the useful information you provide. There is enough snark in the world . . .

  58. Love to share the blog with my co workers who fly Delta as well.

  59. I love your blog…I am a casual flyer and have learned a lot and am confident while traveling because of your shared knowledge!

  60. Cheers to keeping the blog going Rene. I would love to see an in-depth report on strategically using AeroMexico kilometers for int’l first/business class travel. This is one IG the note under reported programs out there.

  61. Congratulations on 500,000 views. In the past two years, I have learned a lot from the blog and my travel has gotten MUCH more enjoyable. Thank you!

  62. Thanks for all the amazing details you share with us from your trips and experiences.

  63. I just want to say thankyou for the blog. I’ve learned so much from you!

  64. Thanks for updating us on all the ins and outs of the Delta program. I love your energetic style of writing!! Cheers!

  65. Delta … The only airline that’s ever given us a free economy —>1st class upgrade on a transatlantic flight…. ❤️❤️❤️

  66. I recently traveled with a carry on pet and noticed that both TSA and Delta attendants were much active in ensuring that the pet “ticket” was processed. Requesting on several instances for the paper ticket/receipt and green ticket slip attached to the carry-on. In prior instances, I was not questioned throughout the entire trip.

  67. Carol Blue Reply

    Have really learned so much about Delta from the blog. Thanks for taking the time to hep us all 🙂

  68. Jason Thomas Reply

    Great blog, thanks for keeping all of us updated and for finding cool deals!

  69. Your coverage of all the changes in Delta’s Skymiles program has been remarkable in both its depth and its insight!! For Delta flyers, you’re the BEST source and thus the first to turn to! MANY thanks!!

  70. I used to fly Delta a lot way back when, then almost never for ages. Now I’ve just dipped into the Amex bonus miles pool, and will be flying them on some award tickets going forward. Your blog has been fun and informative as I reemerse myself in The World of Delta. Cheers!

  71. I love this blog, but losing interest in Delta, thankfully the upgrades have still be coming on flights lately.

  72. Had some very good service on recent flights in first. Constant drink refills etc. FLL to LAS. FAs did a great job.

  73. I’ve been reading for over 3 years! Thank you for your dedication.

  74. It has been very educational for me and has save me money a couple of times.

  75. dotti cahill Reply

    a few weeks ago i got upgrade atl to jax but got into atl early ans asked to get on early flight giving up my 1st class seat .. so got onto plane into my backof plane seat and a guy came to my seat and said my wife is sitting next to you so can u take my 1st class seat so i can sit next to her …i started to laugh and told him gave up 1st class to get home early … and i woiuld loive to move up thanks so much !!!!

  76. Thank you for your efforts and the useful information you share! Please keep an eye out on the new skyteam award booking, I hope you can share as much about that… Now I hope one day I win one of those freebies!

  77. I’ll keep reading your blog posts as long as you keep writing them.

  78. Disgustaeer Reply

    Reading your blog I’ve maneuvered my way from silver to gold, now platinum. Enjoyed the ride (s) along the way. Thanks for what you do!

  79. you have lots of great ideas. keep telling it like it is. Thanks

  80. My first time visiting all these blogs and I travel often and have been quite impressed with the information. I have picked up a ton of information and thank you for posting.

  81. Thanks for all you do – your knowledge & ability to keep us informed on so much from DL is invaluable. Enjoy reading blog everyday…here’s to your next 1/2 million!

  82. I would love tips/experience using skybonus particularly for international flight redemption. Need to burn these before end of the year when new regulations set in.

  83. Thanks for keeping us into speed on what’s what. Really appreciate it.

  84. Keep up the good work. I remain, forever stuffed in steerage,
    Bob L.

  85. Peter Tang Reply

    Thanks for being so open with your thinking and honest with your thoughts. Love reading both the praise of Delta (like the post on food) and the criticism of Skypesos 2015. Keep it up!

  86. Thank you, Rene! You give us both the positive and the negative…..keeps us informed and that is exactly what we need. Great job with your research and not just taking things for face value.

  87. John DELTA Reply

    René –

    Thanks for all you do here…
    Would love to see you do a post with a poll on how many Gold medallions out there actually received that status as a gift from a Diamond.

    Just thinking that if so many Diamonds do not renew this year that this will have a DOUBLE effect on the Medallions in system as the “Gifted Golds” would also disappear with them.

  88. Rene,
    Could you have a blog post about attrition rate of medallion members? I for one have started flying AA this year. I’ll easily make Gold with them by summer and will have Silver for 2016 on Delta. But DL has made no efforts to keep me as a PM member. No phone call no email nothing. I find it surprising that revenue management and/or medallion services is not aware that DL has lost my business. Do they really no care! Buh bye DL.

  89. I’ve learned so much by reading this blog and have even done a couple of MRs you posted! Thanks!

  90. ren
    as always you are the greatest will keepon reading your blog BUT for now seesm as has most of my flights no longer d/m i guess nxt year who knows maybe delta WILL START TO LISTEN SOON to you an all leaving please keep up the work thou

  91. Rene – you have made traveling easier and so much more fun. I’d love to see a page about Delta’s fleet and the seats YOU like and recommend — and why. My wife & I loved your reviews of the 737-900ER and 767 and used those to help us select seats — and would’ve been stuck in horrid seats had we not read those posts.

  92. VERY useful stuff. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading.

  93. I just started reading your blog about a week ago. Thanks for all the great info, still sifting through it.

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