Chase devalues INK cards & drops LOUNGE CLUB membership as perk!

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chase ink drops lounge club

Both Lisa & I really like our Chase INK cards. Not just for the 5x for real spend, but especially for all the spend I can manufacture each year resulting in getting points FREE and even making money in the process. It is a nice business card you SHOULD hold.

But one of the nice perks of the card is now going away as you can see from the letter I just got in the mail. Previously, you could get Lounge Club membership that included “just” two free visits per year to locations like THE CLUB at ATL. However, those two free visits just about covered the fee to HOLD the card so this IS a significant loss of a nice perk.

What can you do? I would seriously consider, if you don’t hold one of them already:


Either of these get you Priority Pass FREE that will get you access to a huge number of lounges as well as Skyclub entrance for you. Plus all the other outstanding perks these cards give you on top of that.

So does this change in the INK card make it no longer worthwhile to hold? No, but when it does come time to pay the annual fee and you do your retention call to Chase, I sure would bring up this cut in benefits and negotiate some extra Ultimate Rewards points to keep you as a customer for another year!- René
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  1. I just don’t get this. The same for other cards that have cut lounge benefits. The average cardholder doesn’t fly enough to make the lounges that expensive of a benefit. As for airline lounges, it seems only the airline lounges at major hubs are crowded and that’s only because certain airlines sell day passes. If they got rid of the unwashed masses on day passes they wouldn’t be crowded.

  2. Great idea on using the benefit removal as a tool to get more retention points. Thanks.

  3. By itself it may or may not be a reason to cancel. I’ve already used the benefit once this year, and appreciated it. In any case I really like the idea of bringing the matter up when making the retention phone call. Any fee card gets a hard look each time when renewal time comes around, and I’ll definitely have to take this change into account.

  4. @René –
    It seems the one downside is that even with Priority Pass Select (via the AmEx Platinum) a member must pay for guests (for $27/guest). I know that we all face the same situation (albeit for $29/guest) at a SkyClub (unless a Diamond chose to Upgrade their SkyClub membership to an Executive membership via the Medallion Choice Benefits option.)

    However, I guess that Diamonds who get the AmEx Platinum for a spouse could sort of “walk the fence” at least when it comes to SkyClubs, but one would still have to pay for a Priority Club or Centurion Lounge.

    Looking for a one-card-does-all; really enjoyed it when we held the AAdvantage Executive MasterCard which let Member+2 in even if they were not flying on an American ticket!

  5. @John Delta – The nice thing about the INK perk was my wife could get in twice to clubs per year on her INK pass. Not anymore. But then again, she now has her own add-on AMEX PLAT so she gets PP too now 😉 #Winning

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