A video of the Germanwings final moments inside the cabin? No thanks! Enough already!

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is there a video of the final moments

I have not posted anything about the Germanwings incident. I have not flown them but do REALLY love their parent company, Lufthansa and would in half a heartbeat book a ticket with them. I like the airline, the people, the service!

But this latest claim, if even true by paper ParisMatch is to me just too much. If there is video of the final moments from inside the cabin I do not want to see it. EVER!

Would you?

Seriously. This is getting out of hand and we need some respect shown to those who were murdered by the co-pilot.

The pilot trying to save the passengers:

Patrick Sondenheimer

Is a hero whose name I am really trying to hold in my memory as something to talk about. Also I don’t mind discussion about what can be done to stop this from happening again.

What is NOT something to talk about is saying things to US pilots like:

tweet from chris manno aa pilot

This tweet is from AA pilot Chris Manno who I follow on twitter. I also follow some Delta folks on twitter. I put my trust in them each time I fly, that is Delta people, and I will not even once give that a second thought. The level of respect I have for these people is without question. Period.

If I were Chris, and someone said that to me, they would be taking the next flight as they would not be on my plane anymore (maybe it is good I am not a pilot).

I am flying Delta today. I can not wait to get up in the air. I love flying. I am done with Germanwings coverage. Are you? – René

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  1. I agree. There is no way that I want to see such a video because I would never be able to forget the images every time I get on a plane.

  2. First, if this video is authentic, I cannot imagine that anyone who thinks they are crashing would devote their last moments to filming it. That is weird in itself much less any desire to view this video by others. Second, with due respect, I think the cause of the Germanwings crash (not accident) merits the attention being paid by the media. Intentional destruction of the aircraft by the pilot has been the cause of several crashes (Egypt Air, Silk Air, Gremanwings, possibly MH 370 and others) that have cost hundreds of lives. Yet there has been little if any action by regulators or airlines to address this. Had these crashes been caused by a mechanical system, adequate remedies would have been implemented long ago. IMHO as a private pilot and airline passenger we must recognize that pilots are subject to the same psychological afflictions as the rest of us and find a way to protect the public and flight crews from putting mentally unbalanced people at the controls of commercial airplanes. The status quo is unacceptable.

  3. Whoever leaked this video lacks any human decency, and unfortunately this goes on, where the media just bribes people to do this sort of thing, just to get ratings. It’s fine to use it for evidence and investigation purposes, but this video if it exists should never see the light of day. 150 people dying a horrible death in a state of panic shouldn’t be paraded around YouTube for the whole world to see. We need to show some dignity and respect for those who died.

  4. Reminds me of the supposed video of the planes flying into the twin towers from the rooftop. I would never view the video in the first place but, I feel quite sure, that this will prove to be a hoax shortly. However, the person who made the fake video should be shamed beyond reason because there is no place for such antics in decent society.

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