There are days I just LOVE being a blogger & can’t stop smiling (& even cry some times)

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Gosh, I love reader e-mail and comments on the blog. It does take a bunch of time and effort to publish the blog and sometimes I wonder if some posts are really worth while. For example, some of the “angries” on FlyerTalk have been their usual snarky selves about my posting weather updates from Delta. But then I get emails like these (some personal info has been removed btw):

Hi Rene – I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting the fee free changes because of the late spring storm this weekend. If not for this warning – I would have missed my flight to SLC and 3.5 drive for my father in law’s funeral. Two other east coasters missed the funeral — the next day would have been too late. Thanks to you and I will always cherish being with family at this time. Many, many thanks!


Hej Rene – Just wanted to say thank you! Checking the blog this afternoon my time in Scandinavia I saw the weather changes post in AMS and was able to change my ticket from and add an extra day to my ski trip home in the west at no cost. Also my system wide upgrade stayed in tact so in business elite still. I had wanted to rebook and add this day, but didn’t want to pay for the change. Now thanks to you and the wind I was able to! Thanks for the great blog and timely updates from points to weather changes!

Those two sure touched my heart and made my day. So weather updates are worth the time to post about. Got it! 🙂

The next one is about mileage runs. I am really trying to find time to post as many DeltaMileageRuns as I can but with the new tighter requirements I have self imposed for a good deal it really is harder to find runs to post. But then I get comments and emails like:

Rene, Just finished booking. Freaking awesome. I used one of my $200 Diamond vouchers so round trip at $109! You ROCK man!


Thanks Rene! I’m on a mistake fare JFK-AMS-DOH that I got for $306. On my way back, instead of flying from Doha to AMS at 11:59pm (barely April 1), they let me change to DOH-DXB-ATL-MIA-JFK so my $306 fare will net me over 16,000 mqm. The KLM flight was delayed for almost 5 hours into Doha so they gave us all $25 voucher and I got another 15,000 skymiles out of it as well. Not bad for a mistake fare!

Good stuff! I was to be on a mileage-ish run test today with PWM that is Pay With Miles from my Delta AMEX card but my first flight was oversold and I took an $800 bump and will try again tomorrow. Yes, #Winning 😉

Lastly I get loads of fun emails that go something like this one:

Hey Rene! Just wanted to say that I’m starting to get into the world of frequent flying and have made Delta my airline of choice. Your blog has helped me immensely, keep up the awesome work!

I will keep up the hard work cuz someone has to do it. That is, someone has to fly Delta and do their best to get them to fix the frequent flyer program. The rest, i.e. flights, product, people and food is just outstanding already. I am really looking forward to a full month of Delta flying coming up and I hope to bump into you along the way! – René
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