No Delta flight attendants union with IAM this year!

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from the iamdelta page

Ooooppseeee! It seems the IAM did not have the 60% of all Delta flight attendants votes they said they did. As you can see from their web page they NOW say:

“Unfortunately, we have recently discovered that a number of the cards submitted to us contain insufficient information or questionable signatures.”

Should that not have been checked ahead of time? I would think so. The Delta anti-union website has also been updated:

delta bedeltabedifferent-com page

I really like the part of the closing remarks from Allison Ausband from Delta who says:

“regardless of your position on IAM representation, please be respectful of each other and stay focused on our customers”

The IAM can try again but not until next year according to the rules. It will be interesting to see if they do.

I have always been most pleased with Delta people and was also pleased with Northwest folks who were in a union. What do you think about this turn of events? – René

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  1. IMHO, if legacy delta fa’s out number nwa fa’s….the chance of getting 60 percent of fa to approve to unionize is slim. I think the deciding factor is premerger company culture.

  2. You can tell the difference between those who favor the union and those who don’t by their customer service. I have noticed for a long time those who want the union take very long breaks and their customer service is much lower. Compare United and Delta.

  3. @PCB

    The presence of a union is far from the differentiating factor there. UA has a toxic corporate culture plagued by a miserable merger.

    You try to fill a logical gap with quite the assumption on this one

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