Rookie Wednesday: How do you check your Delta voucher values & if they are still valid.

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

step one how to check the ballance of a delta e-gift cert

Who doesn’t like “Delta Dollars” that is, some kind of credit either from a bump, airline credit from a credit card, medallion benefit or even one from a flight you could not take (TIP: call and ask for an e-credit rather than just let it go away). But the frustration with some of these is they do not show up at your My Delta & My Wallet.

That means you MUST keep track of the number for the credit and in some cases the redemption code. Here is what I do to help me. I make a new folder on my phone. Then I shoot a photo of the screen (if say buying an e-gift card) or the voucher if I bump so I have that number too. Simple and quick and all in once place.

But how do I know how much is on a voucher, that is, have I spent it already or have I spent part of it already (if you have a large one and do not say spend it all on one ticket). Thankfully, much like a normal gift card “checker” online you can use the “redeem a gift certificate” landing page on to find out what your voucher is currently worth or if it is even valid anymore.

results when you have alredy used an unused delta e-gift cert

need for first and last name for bump voucher on Delta-com

Next, depending on the type of voucher you have, you will either see a second box appear (again assuming your voucher is valid) that will either ask for the redemption code that came along with the gift certificate or boxes for the passengers first and last name.

bump voucher credit delta-com

Then you should see a page showing that either your certificate is used and then it will say “CLOSED” or it will say “OPEN” meaning you can still use the certificate as well as the remaining value and the expiration date.

terms and conditions from delta bump voucher

Lastly some other bits that are good to know. Delta voucher rules are all over the place and it is hard to keep track. That can be both good and bad for you/us. Bad because reps can often give you wrong information, but good since they are so confusing you can often get them to break the rules since there are so many.

For example, e-Gift certs you can use 3 and you CAN combine them with a voucher from say your Medallion Choice Benefits. You can NOT, however, combine them with a bump voucher. You 100% CAN, as you can see from my highlighting from the T&C of a bump voucher, pay for more than just you if you are traveling with someone like your wife / +1 on the same PNR. So keep all of this in mind that these are the rules. Then you can tinker and see what you can do in addition to this. 😉

So there you are. Any questions? Fire away – René

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  1. Rene, Can I use my bump voucher toward the purchase of a second ticket that is traveling with me on the same itinerary?

  2. @CycloneHog – Notice the voucher rules, you have to pay for BOTH with the voucher. Having said that, if on the EXACT same itinerary, you can maybe talk the rep into it.

  3. does it say closed until you have reached the three day mark after purchasing until yu can use it?

  4. When you buy an e-gift card and you check the status of it, does it say CLOSED for the first 72 hour wait period?

  5. Hello, i have a voucher from delta and 2 months ago I used it to buy 2 tickets to berlin. A week ago i bought 2 tickets to go to Paris and they haven’t charged me the price in the voucher. When I enter the delta website i can see I still have the same money as I had 2 months ago and it says my voucher is “Closed”. As you said before, is it posible that they made a mistake and I can use it as many times as i want and they wont charge me? thank you!

  6. @Kargal – It may be in your “My Delta” on yes. If not, call them with the ticket number you too the bump from and they should be able to find it (you can find that at in your receipts).

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