Why Adam’s award booking help is more important than ever – #AwardChartGate

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A few days ago I had the “joy” of doing about 10 hours of AMEX “training” due to being a card affiliate. You see, the regulations regarding anything to do with finance are truly mind boggling. I mean, I can tell you there have been times where literally a change has been a period in an offer and we have to make changes to stay in compliance.

But what does any of this have to do with Delta award booking? Well, we know Delta has, beyond shamelessly, simply deleted the award charts from Delta.com. They “say” the all new award calendar is so good that there is no need for the charts. However, we know the facts are anything but that in reality. If Delta were a bank – the FEDS would be on them like a ton of bricks. But for now that is not the case.

SkyRubles are a completly unregulated airline currency. They can do anything they want, change you to anything they want, and tell you they are worth anything they want. So, with the cards 100% stacked against you this year, you need help.

Now if you want to go it alone you can use the blog and the Essentials Tab like I do and find, with much work, LOW LEVEL SEATS despite Delta’s efforts to extract extra points from you.

Or, if you are not into that much work, you, now more than ever, need to think about turning to ADAM and Juicy Miles to help you NOT over spend your SkyRubles for an award flight.

Please, think about this. Do not let Delta win. Winning is spending less SkyMiles for more & better travel! – René


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  1. I would gladly contact Adam if I felt there was a way to get better award redemptions between ATL and SCL. Delta prices the award tickets based on how much they think people are willing to pay ( in Rubles) not availability or cost. I see ticket $ price the same seven days a week. Award tickets spike Friday through Sunday even when the cabin is empty. And even if I had some flexibility and left mid week the “low level” award is Delta dumping the award through a connecting partner (aero Mexico ) adding 5+ hours and a layover to a
    9 hour overnight flight. So I had to make my peace with getting what I could 4 C+ for 77k each. Over $6K value, traveling when I am able and having more time to visit with family. Of course I wonder why no one calls them out on how they fleece people when the time comes to redeem or sky rubles.

  2. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I think a state attorney general could go after Delta over the award chart-thing. Call your attorney general’s consumer protection division.

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