Does anyone know how to fix my Delta survey issue? Anyone else having this problem?

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survey from delta not working only to my phone delta points blog

I am most frustrated. Why? I really like being able to give money to Delta folks for doing the smashing jobs they always do (and money that does not come out of my pocket directly – even though I do that too). What am I talking about? I am talking about:

“Strive for Five’s”


“Smiles in the aisles”

You see when you happen to get a survey from one your flights, gate experience or whatever and you give all “five’s” as a review, the Delta people can get credits that turn into money they get on a Delta debit card they can spend just like cash!

Now I get so many of these surveys that I can never remember if everything was perfect but I really don’t care. Delta folks are just about always (well almost always) perfect so I just always quickly pick all five’s and hit send. It takes no time at all.

chat for fix with da

But I have had an issue for a few months. They only get texted to my phone with NO link to respond. I reached out to Delta assist but no joy there other than they have sent it to Delta IT. So, I am open to suggestions as I want to go back to rewarding Delta people.

Is this happening to you? Do you know a fix? I have tested updating my “My Delta” with no joy. Any feedback would be great and appreciated! – René

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  1. I have had the same issue. If I get the survey by email it’s fine. If it comes in a text, there is no link. I added that to my list of complaints on my last flight and in their response they admitted there was no link. Maybe someday they will fix it.

  2. I have the same issue! I’ve also made sure only my real email is in all the My Delta settings, and not my text email ( I called and they had no explanation or ability to check my account and see why it was happening.

  3. I an getting them via email as always. perhaps it is in your Delta profile settings? Or Delta really doesn’t want to hear what you say !!!! That was a joke.

  4. @CarolK @Greg – Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one. I will fire off an email to Delta about this rather than just the normal ways that don’t seem to be working.

  5. I always got them by email until I changed my settings. Thanks for reminding me I need to change them back.

  6. I finally managed to fix my account. In “My Profile” I had only been looking under “Notifications”, and made sure my email address there was only regular email and not SMS. The other day I happened to look in “Basic Info” instead, and saw that I still had as one of the Email Addresses. I changed it here and the next day got a survey link by email again.

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