A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The run to EAT & back

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A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – Planning & positioning for the run
A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The run to EAT & back
A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The SPG Four Points by Sheraton MSP
A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The CLUB at SEA
A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The totals and points earned

flight board at msp airport delta points blog

Time for my fun run. Well, to be more specific, my adventure to add more points to my run from the get go. First off, thanks to a very large schedule change I was able to switch from Midway to South Bend. Nice to save an hour in the car and some tolls.

really old NWA jet DTW to IND

Then time to try for an SDC or Same Day Change as I really dislike the really early flights from SBN. Under the old SDC rules, as long as there was a seat, you could switch flights. As we should know, now fare class is needed as well.

lots of jets waiting to take off DTW to IND delta points

No joy for the CRJ700 via DTW to MSP but there was space on a slightly earlier SBN-DTW-IND-MSP. Now it does sound crazy to fly to IND to get to MSP, but for a mileage runner it was all good other than a very tight connection that I just made.

empty jet bridge at IND delta little time to make next leg delta points

Despite my city hopping I still made it to MSP well before my flying partner for this run, TexasYankee Dave, so off to the XpresSpa for some pre-run tune-up work (why not right). I took a nap in a massage chair then had an outstanding chair massage.

great blue cheese burger in MSP

After a quick visit to the $kyPub Dave finally showed up and we headed off for a local burger I was told I just had to try. It was amazing. A double cheese burger with blue cheese in the middle and thick cut bacon strips on top. Yeah, you need to go try one. I have to say it was kinda fun to leave an airport during a mileage run (something I normally never do).

delta skyclub msp delta points

After a quick and short overnight at the SPG Four Points by Sheraton it was off to the airport. My outbound upgrade had cleared at the 6 day mark as a Diamond Medallion and that was nice on so many levels.

this guy really wanted to board 1st

This guy REALLY wanted to board 1st

I was thus able to select points as my SPG Platinum amenity since I did not need breakfast as Delta was providing that on the flight out. This upgrade was also nice due to the fact that the 737-800 westbound had less 1st class seats than the 757 on the return.

breakfast delta 1st class msp to sea delta points

There were already two other runners with us in 1st and later I found out more were onboard. Once we landed we had to go across the airport to the Alaska gates to take our regional Horizon Q400 Turbo prop jet to Wenatchee, a whopping 22 minute flight from SeaTac airport. Our only problem was we did not have our return boarding passes to get back and with only about 20 minutes in Wenatchee we wanted to have that in place. That proved to be some work.

The gate agent “ran away” once our group got there and customer service across the way had some long lines. So off to the Alaska Boardroom around the corner but they proved unable to simply print our boarding passes. Back to customer service that seemed a bit shocked we were just turning and burning right back to SeaTac but they at last got it done. For Dave, it required reprinting a “flight coupon” that is, a paper ticket to go with the boarding pass. Gosh I am so happy we did this!

alaska horizon air Q400 prop jet

I was warned by many that there is just about NO room on these Q400s and they gate check everything. I had my normal laptop bag and my backpack. Both fit just fine as the space is about the same as a CRJ200 so if it fits there it will fit on a Q400 as well.

climbing out of SEA on way to EAT

I had two seats to myself and have to tell you it was so much fun to be back on a prop jet. Not that I want to fly them each week, but after years it was fun.

sea seatac airport delta points

view sea to eat delta points

Plus the views on the short ride to EAT were stunning. I mean just stunning. The day was spectacular and the clouds were fluffy and nice.

via from EAT to SEA

I have never been to Wenatchee let alone heard of the nice little town but it was lovely to fly over. There were tons of fruit trees all over and I hope they are blooming next time I fly over. Either way, it was a lovely little town.

The airport in Wenatchee is tiny. I mean tiny. There is pretty much one gate are with 3 doors to the “gate”. Not really a gate as you walk out on the tarmac to board.

about to board EAT to SEA leg on alaska horizon air Q400 delta points

The really funny thing was the MASSIVE, I mean massage TSA presence in Wenatchee. I will not go into it but I think the number of personnel may just be a tiny bit excessive.

texas yankee carryon bag eat mileage run

TexasYankee posh carry-on bag

One of our group of now 6 runners was told had we not printed our pass in SeaTac we would not have had time to get it done and be allowed to board the return. Interesting.

rene and steve eat

I did have the privilege to meet Steve who was on his first mileage run. It was great to meet you, Steve and hope to see you and have more time to chat next time!

delta 1st class hamburger meal sea to msp delta points blog

Once back to SeaTac we had some time back at the $kyPub before just missing out on a bump on the way back to MSP. Dave & I got to enjoy row 1 in the 757 with the upgraded slim line seats and the Delta burger that as I have talked about before is quite good for a burger in the air.

lufthansa 747 landing in sea delta points mileage run

#AVgeek Lufthansa 747 SEA

After another good night at the SPG Four Points MSP I went to the airport hoping for a bump on my CRJ flight back home to SBN. I ended up finding Dave at the airport as he had taken a bump that just about paid for his run, positioning flights and all. Well done, Dave – #Winning. I did not bump and 55 souls were on my CRJ200. You say impossible? No, we had every seat filled and an infant in arms, the FA, pilot and copilot as well one in the jump seat. Yep, that is 55 total on a tiny little CRJ200.

So many ask if a mileage run is fun? You bet it is. You get to see the world even if you don’t get to stay very long any one place along the ride. You get to sometimes to meet others who are enjoying the same crazy adventure you are. Occasionally you can take a bump and make the trip end up free. Even though mine was not free, I had a few vouchers that made it all good but more on that in the final post! – René

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  1. If you take the Amtrak Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle you pass through Wenatchee. It’s a wonderful part of the country!

  2. Did 3 of these runs….never once did I get to Wenatchee…still got my full credit for MQM’s though 🙂

  3. @René –

    Having just got back yesterday afternoon from one (my 4th of 6?) of these I was amazed just how many people were doing this for “the run…”

    Several readers of the blog were onboard; others had picked it up off FT. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with several of the other Delta Flyers…I did one in 2015 as was the only one apparently on that run.

    Anyway, a shout out to you René for putting this out there last November and a “Hi again” to your readers who flew with me this week. Heck, one fella was doing two back-to-back overnighting in MSP between the two so I caught him on two segments the first day and two more on the second day!

    Is it fun? OH YEAH !!

  4. Hi guys. I am the one John Delta is talking about doing back to back runs.

    This was my first ever mileage run.
    Since I had to position to MSP, I decided to do two back to back runs to maximize having to position. (I used some ultimate rewards points moved to Southwest)

    The runs were great. All upgrades cleared between MSP and SEA. The views over the mountains were awesome. And meeting like minded people is priceless.

    I hope to schedule some more runs later this year So I can rollover more MQM’s.

  5. I have to caution everyone that the *Boarding Passes issue* has been a problem for me on EVERY SINGLE RUN! It even creates problems for the Delta Mobile App.

  6. great write up Rene! I m looking forward to 4 back to back runs in 2 weeks … hope I survive!

  7. I did a couple of these runs and also met up with like minded Mileage Runners. Stayed at the same Four Points and really liked it. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your return boarding pass in Seattle. I overnighted in Wenatchee, and even with all that TSA you are screwed if you aren’t checked in with boarding passes 40 MINUTES PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, even the kiosk will not work. Its not the 30 minutes required at most airports. This is posted on FT as well

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