From “enhancement” to “shenanigans” Delta is now blocking seat map choices! A bug or something else?

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delta row1 blocking

Oh Delta. Delta, Delta, Delta (not the fraternity – just irritated and repeating Delta). What are you up to this time. Please stop this.

What am I talking about? Last week I had a post where it seemed Delta may just have improved what seats we can see on Delta jets (but this enhancement did not last long). Today things are different and even worse than before.

We know our dearest Delta does have the habit of making changes, often massive changes, and telling no one until we sleuth them out. This is shameful and most irritating. They also make other minor changes that are not intended to make things worse for us, but they end up that way. Plus, as one reader pointed out, in the current environment of First Class Monetization (FCM), we are always looking to see if some new change is another attempt to deny us more upgrade chances. Take a look at the opening image at the top of this post.

my wife trying to book same jet

Compare that top photo to the one above of the seat map for a flight I will be on next month. Notice the difference on the SAME FLIGHT if I go to book a 1st class seat what IS actually open? Is this a one time issue? Let’s look at yet another one.

my booked flights to aus

tyring to book 1st dtw to aus

The next two screen shots are for another 1st class flight I am booked on over this summer. This time not a mainline Delta jet but a regional carrier and the same thing is happening, that is, row 1 in 1st class is being blocked when  they are clearly open if you try to book new tickets.

I called Delta on this latter set of flights and the medallion rep (not a good one btw) told me an E175 did not have row 1 seats and started in row 2 and the same thing went for the CRJ900 I was on before that. OY! Really? Uh, NO.

Next, when she went to try to book a seat on the same flight, she then saw there is a row 1 on the flight and then agreed it was open. I was told to hold for a supervisor. The supervisor was able to move us to row 1 for both of our flights.

So if you are like me, and like bulkhead seats because no one can recline into you, you may want to do a test booking to see if they are open and then call to get the seats you want.

Just what in the world is going on here? Again, I get the conspiracy type feelings we now always get when dealing with our less that upfront and honest mothership that has PROVEN a tendency to hide, mislead and obfuscate information from us but I really don’t think, in this one instance, that is what is going on. I think this is a bug. I think Delta will fix this (at least I hope I am right about this). If this is yet one more effort to block seats for FCM I will be highly disappointed.

You tell me what you think. You vote and tell me where you feelings are! – René

Delta's latest seat map issue is:

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  1. Just saw the same thing happened to me over night. I checked my seats for my MIA-ATL-LAX first class flights yesterday and there were many open seats in first class, and today the ones from row 1-2 disappeared. And when checking the seat availability on new flights you can see that these seats are available.

    This trip is probably my last trip on delta, as I’m burning 45000 miles (for a domestic one way first class – outrageous) out of my remaining 49500 and I don’t see myself working toward earning more in the future. This airline clearly doesn’t want any frequent fliers.

  2. Pretty sure this is just a bug. I’m seeing other discrepancies between the bookable seat map and the seat maps in “my trips.” Specifically exit row seats are showing as unavailable at booking but available in my trips.

  3. Bulkheads from now on at a minimum in coach, especially with these awful slimline seats.

    On Friday I almost got into a fight with the guy in front of me as he just slammed his seat back to full recline, crushing my hand between the tray and the seat. Of course as I “gently” pushed the seat off of my hand as I tried to pull my hand out, he got upset.

    After that, he insisted he’d be able to got to full recline and I had no problem with that. I just think that Delta or the DOT should really look into this issue. The back of the guy’s head was LITERALLY 4.5 inches from my nose from SFO to MSP. That’s too close!!!

    PS: As for FCM, 2 out of 6 upgrades this week as a DM. On 3 of the 4 flights there were NO upgrades available which makes you ask WHY be loyal. If I’m going to be paying more for a Delta seat compared to other airlines, the money saved would pay for the odd 1st class ticket which is equal to the recent number of upgrades.

  4. Another example of delta’s commitment to honesty, integrity and respect? Let’s see how they explain this one

  5. Why do you want row 1? Ugh. Northwest used to block it sometimes for handicapped access, did they not? Or do I misremember? I would guess that they’ve started blocking it for wheelchair etc. It isn’t like if I pay for a first class ticket, which I’ve started doing, that I would want bulkhead! I assume the true is the same for anybody else who wants to fly first. You’re paying for a first class ticket, you sure want floor storage and all the rest of the goodies, don’t you? But wheelchair/handicapped can’t reach down for floor storage anyway. And it’s probably easiest to seat them in row 1? I honestly seem to remember this being done somewhere at some time but can’t remember where right now?

  6. @Peachfront – As mentioned in post, I hate my laptop being broken by those reclining into me. Give me less leg room over that any day!

  7. So this just started happening? I print my boarding passes from a kiosk precisely because I’ve noticed that more FC seats choices are available on the Kiosk than on the app.

  8. First this and the app not working made me frustrated enough to send in comments to Delta.

    Second I decided to check out things further and checked seat maps via the view seats link on the select a flight page for a flight I am booked in FC on April 24 and the view seats link showed 1A and 1D open. Then I went all the way through to the complete a booking point and when selecting a seat prior to purchase the two seats shown as open were now shown as occupied; same as in my trips. This would then leave a first class flyer without a seat assignment if you were looking to actually book. Frustrating and really no idea why they would do this. Are they now holding row 1 for disabled patrons? If so at least make an announcement. Makes one think shenanigans or something worse is coming.

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