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Portland to Saint Martin $488 & 9980MQMs at 4.9CPM weekday Delta Mileage Run

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nov pdx to sxm

pdx to sxm

strange kayak-com routes

There really is just one reason I love this – Maho Beach in November! Oh and a boatload of MQMs for sub 5CPM is nice too. The downside is unless you are DM you are going to be 100% going to be spending the transcon in coach.

But, a day at SXM is just fun. Here is one option you could do:

Cost $488

9,980 MQMs at 4.9CPM

Bookable on

If you tinker around (see last shot) with ITA Matrix and you can come up with some really bizarre routes and keep it around $500 & just over 5CPM and even do it all as a weekend run but then you only get a few hours in SXM. Could be worse right? – Rene

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