Swag Saturday: Weekend lightning giveaway! Delta Flight Museum passes, Delta swag & more!

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delta swag grab

I am still working on a bunch of posts including my photos from the Delta 757 charity Jet drag. I had the fun of being on two teams. One of them was the media / press team and the other was a bunch of readers who snagged the SkyMiles Experiences spots on that team.

Anyway, as part of the prize for each I was given some nice Delta swag as you see above. Also, thanks to reader Graydon, I got some extra Delta flight Museum passes.

So, and this will be a quick lightning giveaway as I will pick the winners TOMORROW NIGHT, SUNDAY so be sure to enter quick.

Plus, I am giving away TWO prices packages so EACH of the winners gets:

2 – Passes to the Delta flight museum in Atlanta
1 – Delta T-shirt
1 – Delta SkyMiles bear
1 – Delta TUMI kit
1 – Delta ball cap
1 – Delta backpack
1 – Delta headphones

Any maybe some other swag I may just toss in for fun. So there you go, a bunch of unique stuff for you to enjoy this weekend if you are one of the TWO winners.

I am going to make this one simple. Make any comment you want and comment as OFTEN as you wish but each comment must be something different. Feel free to comment on SkyMiles, ask a question, mention what travel card you are going for next, say something nice about the blog (love those) or whatever! But comment quick as the cut off will be around 7PM ET tomorrow the 17th! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. John DELTA Reply

    Without Delta’s 25K standard award ticket, where are they taking us from here?

  2. Shari Merrill Reply

    Not only do I love the blog, but I really like how responsive you are on twitter! Thanks for all of the responses.

  3. John DELTA Reply

    René, Where are you putting your loyalty and flying dollars going forward?

  4. Shari Merrill Reply

    Next big trip that I’m trying to plan on Delta is IAD to Japan…! Struggling to figure out best points/miles combo – really want to pay, and upgrade with miles, but not possible

  5. I saw a woman carrying a small dog while walking a larger service dog through the airport, when is this madness gonna stop?!!!? What is the basis for qualifying for a service dog? We are becoming soft.

  6. Rene, Thanks for always giving Delta credit when credit is due while at the same time, taking them to task when they’ve hurt their loyal customers. Without your blog we’d have no voice. Keep up the good work!

  7. Just want to say thanks for great content, and if I win, I desperately want a DeltaPoints bag brag tag.

  8. I have been following Youre blog for some time now and I really like it 🙂 For me living in Europe, what would be the best Skyteam awards program?

  9. It’s not clear if you mean to post on this thread or to wait for a new one

  10. Do you think it’s worth it for someone to get a 2nd Reserve (business card) just to get the extra 30k MQMs with spend. I’m Gold, if I got those 30k, I’d be platinum for the rest of this and next year

  11. To clarify, if I keep typing comments, so long as it’s something new, I get another entry?

  12. I’ve been Delta silver or gold (twice) since 1992. But the swag you get is more than I see.

  13. @Shari, have you tried looking out of Seattle? You will have a better chance from there and just need to connect to there on AS or something.

  14. But on a serious note, I’m a little torn now. I actually like Delta and I think they offer a better product than the other two but yes, their ffp sucks. So when I fly DL, i have been crediting all my flights to AS. But now that they cut their earnings on DL flights, I’m a little torn on who to credit my miles to or even if flying DL still makes sense for me.

  15. Ooohhh, I just thought of a great blog post for you. Why don’t you come up with an analysis of the other DL partners and figure out which FFP is best for crediting DL flights to? That’s an article I would read.

  16. It would be realky nice to win but if I do win just send the flight museum passes. You can keep the rest of the delta stuff.

  17. Thanks for this, I never win anything and hope to win this time!

  18. Thanks for the comments today – and elaborating on the abbreviations 😉

  19. Thanks for keeping up with Delta news and tips! very useful for us!

  20. With all of the cheap upgrades delta is promoting is there much benefit to silver, gold or even platinum status on this airline?

  21. Crazy that Delta declares the end of the 25,000 Mile award standard !!

  22. mike murphy Reply

    I look forward to your blog every weekend, part of my morning routine before starting work

  23. I received my PM luggage tag earlier last year but it’s not the new design with the triangular pattern as I made PM last Nov. Can I call DL to request the new card?

  24. Former delta silver, which got me frontier ascent when I moved to denver (which I’ve since given up on and switched to an). Still love delta as an airline, but skymiles has fallen apart. Not as much as frontier, which has gutted its elite program even more!

  25. Thanks for all your helpful tips. I’ve been looking for awards to Europe for this fall and have been baffled by the prices DL wants compared to other airlines, but I’ll give it another try one segment at a time.

  26. I am new to the blog and am stunned at how much I’ve been missing out on. VDGC’s and Kates and Rubles – oh MY? And to think my friends and family thought I was the go-to person for knowing how to work deals on points and miles and promos and such. Wow. I think I’d better sign up for the event in Chicago, dive in and start swimming faster! Love it!

  27. Love your blog and my interest in Delta is really on the rise. The 757 jet drag looked so awesome.

  28. Delta has been offering great deals on airfare lately. Hope other airlines do as well!

  29. Can you talk more about the Best Fare Guarantee on Delta and how useless it is?

  30. I’d love to see more milage run routes from NYC as I live in NYC. Thanks!

  31. If it wasn’t for the crossover rewards with SPG, Delta would suck even more. Useless ffp.

  32. Although amazingly enough, I was actually upgraded to first once due to being an SPG plat. Totally shocked!

  33. Sad to hear how limited space is on KLM for use of DL miles. Always saved miles to go Business on KLM Eastbound. Had to go out of SBN last time to find routing with seats available as the larger airports showed no space, but sounds like it may be nearly impossible now and I will have to take what I can get to use my miles at all.

  34. Christina m Oddy Reply

    wish i could figure all these points out so I could do more traveling!

  35. Currently on the fence on the Reserve card. I can put $60,000 on it (to maximize), but I just have a feeling that DL is going to trash their system (even more) and it will go from worth something to nothing in a blink.

  36. I had been on two JFK/LAX flights (757 and 767) where there was one huge but lean dog and a small dog riding with their owners. There’s no label at all to indicate those were service dogs or for emotional support. I didn’t know that DL would allow transportation of dogs in the main cabin (even a large one that kept its legs on the aisle and it’s really hard for the FAs and other passengers to use the aisle). What if some people have allergies to dog hair? Airlines have been accommodating to people with peanut allergies by not serving peanuts. But what about dogs and cats? Is it legal or against policy to transport dogs and cats in the main cabin? Thanks!

  37. I’m amazed at the shot of your inbox showing all those Bluebird reloads. I’m somewhat amazed they don’t see a pattern and complain because that’s what companies like to do these days but I’m WAY more amazed you actually found a kate that works! That is truly incredible.

  38. From Woodford County, Ky, the home of Woodford Reserve distillery, we love your insightful and helpful daily blog! (Our home airport is LEX.)

  39. Just came across your 6 pm EST time for medallion upgrades at 6, 5, 3, 1 days ahead of flights, and in numeric order of the flights. Had never seen that info anywhere before. So again and again – thanks!

  40. I am at 900k + towards MM and am determined to reach it
    Why? I’m not sure

  41. I must hurry up and fly more the time is ticking away
    I’m thinking of doing a BIG expensive flight to satisfy my MQD

  42. The jet pull was amazing and I look forward to attending it again next year for such a good cause

  43. Ok I’m on a roll you said no limit to posts as long as they are different
    What are the chances of getting in front of the curtain on a pesos ticket as a pm?

  44. sky team mileage runs rock! Waiting for the cold weather to book some

  45. I’d love to return to Gothenburg When you go z take. Pic at the clothing machine 🙂 its a riot

  46. When I fly abroad I love getting into sky club free ! And really love getting the shower amenities AF give a neat little bag with l’occitAne products. Jfk has nice scent

  47. When I fly abroad I love getting into sky club free ! And really love getting the shower amenities AF give a neat little bag with l’occitAne products

  48. I just wish Delta would straighten up and fly right by us frequent flyers.

  49. I ahve been either silver of gold Medallion each year since the 90’s. One time I missed it and Delta allowed me silver anyway. That was cool, but I fear those days are over.

  50. LasyLast year I missed the spend on SkyBonus by a short amount. No deal, they would not allow me to keep my points, so now I have two free coach tickets to anywhere in the US. But there are three of us in the family!!

  51. I would sure love a delta bear to give to my grand daughter coming in July!!!!’nnnnn

  52. Looking forward to my first Delta trip this week since I’ve gotten the gold AMEX card. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully a smooth experience!

  53. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Thanks Graydon. Good luck with your building. Best things about the blog are the readers.

  54. With these cheap flights with points, I am regretting burning all mine on a flight to Florida!

  55. I may have to dust off my Delta credit card—it has been in a drawer for months!

  56. I would love to visit the Delta flight museum with my son when I (finally) go to visit him in Atlanta next month. He moved away a year and a half ago and I still have not seen his place!

  57. Love the blog! You are always the voice of reason, whether Delta is right or wrong!

  58. This is the first year I had a delta branded card and using it for the $ exemption

  59. Hit gold medallion for the first time targeting platinum for next year

  60. Love your blog! It’s definitely one of the best on Boarding Area.

  61. Aren’t you supposed to be able to use your Amex companion cert even if the primary ticket you buy is for someone else? I spent an hour at least trying to find a good flight schedule for my parents then finally settled on an itinerary. When I clicked the button to purchase, it gave me a message saying I need to call delta. I’ve been frustrated more than enough with delta the past two years, so I ended up buying 2 tix on Southwest instead. Non-stop and better schedule, too.

  62. I’ve learned more about Delta Skymile from Delta Points blog than any other place on line! thanks.

  63. Wondering what the front line hard working Delta staff think about the $17million Mr. Richard made last year

  64. Has anyone else noticed less folks in Delta lounges? Let the culling begin!

  65. How do you jump ship, which we all talk about, when Delta is the company that has the best connects, flights and service the specific places you want and need to fly to?

  66. Michael H.(oldfox)i Reply

    I love the blog, but it often makes me nostalgic for the “good old days” with Delta.

  67. Rene, do you even say, I’ve flown enough for the week or the month?

  68. One reason I like Delta Points? The number and position of ads are reasonable. With other blogs you feel bombarded with things to buy. Rene, you do a good job at keeping it reasonable. Thanks.

  69. Some of Rene’s good advice: respect pilots, be kind to gate agents, apprecaite FA. They are your friends when flying.

  70. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when the person at Delta who is assigned to read this blog actually reads it and writes a report? Clearly they read it. And clearly it, in some instances, has made a positive difference for us fliers.

  71. Once in a great while I wonder if some of the comments cross the line of civility in the blogg. On the other hand, I sorta like it when folks get fired up a little bit – especially Rene.

  72. I was watching a video on the gurus of airline award programs. One guy had, if I am not mistaken, 18 millions miles. How is that possible?

  73. With the merger of US Airways and American, is the new American going to give Delta a run for their money?

  74. Any bets on when Delta will next change their logo and repaint their fleet? I say within the next 5 years.

  75. While I know flying is extremely safe, I always try to have situational awareness on take offs and landings. As a single engine, VFF rated pilot myself that just seems wise. Am I off base?

  76. I wasn’t totally convienced about the credit card ‘retention promotions’ Rene mentioned a few days ago. But sure enough, I received $100 statement credit just for calling and asking Amex if there was any program or promotion for keeping me a customer. Didn’t threaten to cut up my card, but just said, ‘there is a lot of competition out there!’ The easiest $100 I’ve made in a while.

  77. Here is one thing that gets my goat. No matter how many times passengers are requested by FA, they still put small items in the overhead lockers. Having something small at your feet is not a big thing. Show some consideration for those coming behind you people!

  78. I confess that in the past 12 months I have not missed a domestic bump to 1st class. It will be interesting to see if that changes in the coming months when more 1st class seats are sold out from under DM and PM members.

  79. @Dale, delta employees are happy Anderson made $17 million last year because they have incentive plans that are generally aligned with his. Of course most if them are lucky to get a few thousand dollars in payouts that equal a snall percentage of their base pay and Anderson gets s bonus that is about 20 times his base pay. Like delta frequent flyers they are getting ripped off, but the little benefits that are trickled down keeps most of them in line.

  80. I learned this about using Global upgrade certificates. Some international flights have immediate availiability while some are wait listed. If you call Delta you can see if the flight you want to book has immediately confirmed or wait listed seats. Book the flight with immediate availability and then immediately call the DM or PM desk to request the upgrade. The key: check on availability first!

  81. And here is the final question of the day, which Rene might throw out.
    How many Delat Point posts can you write while watching Jeopardy?

  82. I booked a rtw trip late last year and flew it in January. 16 legs in business class on 5 different airlines for 280,000 miles. It was more than worth it. If course that’s another delta takeaway now.

  83. GUCs are the best thing delta’s done in the last few years. They don’t make up for all the takeaways.

  84. Thanks for the link. I’m on my second reading of the post and the other links therein. Its starting to sink in.

  85. Howard Blevins Reply

    I didn’t think it was possible or my “head to explode,” as you so aptly put it Rene, so many times until Delta started their #keepdescending campaign to drive away their loyal customers.

  86. The luggage tags I won last time cracked. Baggage handler abuse. Need a new set

  87. Rene’s blog is AWESOME. I love getting on my Delta flight with my backpack and catching people looking at my Delta Points Luggage tag. The world knows about the blog and the motheship cannot stop it! Go Rene

  88. If I win give it to Nina she put in a heck of a good effort with all of those post!

  89. Fairly new to your blog. Lovin’ it as I’m learning a lot. Many thanks!

  90. A pleasant surprise to learn of the one way flights for only 5K miles out west thanks to you. Nice that DL gives us some good things to offset the bad as the cuts do seem to keep coming.

  91. Thank you and this blog for trying to keep us TSUNAMIS informed. (TSUNAMI: Technically Somewhat Underinformed Nomadic Airline Minded Individual) KUTGAR! (KUTGAR: Keep Up The Good Airline Reporting)

  92. need tips for newbie to Delta how to start building my points stash

  93. Thanks for all of the great mileage run alerts. I’ve taken advantage of quite a few!

  94. dotti cahill Reply

    i have serious concerns about the whole DL skyrubles program!!!!!

  95. Delta is STILL the only airline where you can attain status without flying a lot

  96. Rene, any way to get swag WITHOUT winning a contest. I.e. are any things like DeltaPoints tags available for swap or purchase?

  97. Thanks for the SkyMiles- and other Delta-related updates! Very helpful.

  98. I hope that Delta’s relationship with Alaska Airlines continues, and without too much additional devaluation of the cross-benefits.

  99. Still not impressed with the ‘improved’ snack options. Bring back the Sun Chips!

  100. Rene, are you still bullish on mileage runs and if so, that is on the calendar in the next couple of months?

  101. I read the post about looking for Delta flights on Alaska Air site to see that you are getting the lowest awards ticket offered. Seems like a lot to do about nothing.

  102. I was looking for an awards ticket last night and noticed the double letter coding for some legs. That was the red flag the cost in miles was too high.

  103. I wish Delta would honor all DM upgrades five days out. The wait list game at the game is ….. low class customer management.

  104. Was thinking about the next Delta company motto or PR tag line to come out. Anyone remember, “we really move our tails for you” ?

  105. Every time I see the pile of Rene’s credit cards I shake my head and wonder how he keeps up with them all. But then again, this is his business and life. When I showed it to my wife – who handles our cards – she about threw up.

  106. I gotta say the Delta web page generally works well. Even with a slower computer I can move between areas quickly.

  107. It brings a dad much joy to help one of his kids take a dream trip by using Delta miles, a trip otherwise that would be impossible.

  108. I wish I understood why some Kenya Airways flights post immediately and why some do not – even when you know your skymiles account number is in the system and you double check as you check in.

  109. Found that wearing a coat or blazer when traveling seems to give gate agents just a little more pause (and respect?) when making a special request. Convinced it helped with a comp 1st class upgrade AMS to ALT last year.

  110. Bulkhead seats are the worse. No seat pocket in front of you to store you stuff. In-seat meal trays makes the seats narrower. I’m not obese but enjoy the room.

  111. We in the south have heard the joke, ‘you can’t get to heaven without going through ALT.’ Not sure I agree with the theology, but how many more Delta flights can be crammed into that airport!

  112. I use not to agree to answer the one question survey after a call to the DM desk. I do now. It is one chance to let feedback on the service of the agent. Most are very very good and it’s nice to press that #5 and let Delta know.

  113. What do I have to do to be able to take a spin in the 747 flight simulator in Atlanta? Some folks get all the perks, Rene.

  114. It always amazes me when Delta says they have surveyed their customers and found… blah blah blah. They didn’t ask me!

  115. I long for the day with Delta will offer a direct flight to Nairobi Kenya, as they do to J’burg South Africa. The new NBO terminal separates arriving passengers from departing passengers – one of the sticking points in the past because everyone was thrown together. KLM is probably fighting tooth and nail against it.

  116. Rene, a huge call out to you for the fun, facts, and features of Delta Points. It’s only one of a couple of blogs I regularly follow.

  117. And what’s your opinion, now that Alaska cut their miles earning for Delta flights. Where do you think we should credit our Delta flights to now?

  118. Living in Atlanta, I’d be sure to put the passes to good use!

  119. Love the blog but have to agree with a comment from another story – what are you going to call your blog when delta folds their frequent flyer program?

  120. P.S. I miss the weekly swag Saturdays . . . Too busy flying, I imagined.

  121. e michelle Reply

    i love delta it was the first airline i ever flew! has treated me great since!

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