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delta points monthly news letter

I am so happy May is over; I don’t think my heart can take many more revelations about the ongoing enhancements to SkyMiles 2015 like one single round trip for 750,000 SkyMiles – OY! But the summer tends to be a bit slower with airlines focusing on vacations for the staff and keeping the jets on time and running during the busy travel season. In a way, being too busy to “enhance” more things is a good thing. For now, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from the month of May:

➥ A very interesting PVT event with the Delta SkyMiles team.

➥ Why Delta did not win anything at the 2015 Freddie Awards (it’s not all that hard).

➥ Reflections on the TES – Travel Executive Summit at the Freddie awards

➥ What is it like to fly a Delta 747 simulator? (hint: it is REALLY kool)!

➥ How can AMEX add value to the Delta Reserve card when / if Delta cuts perks?

➥ I could never “live” in a hotel year round like Lucky due to just one reason…

➥ “See something, Say something” is not just for the TSA but for Delta too.

➥ Are Delta “trinkets and beads” enough to offset horrid frequent flyer program changes?

➥ A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The CLUB at SEA

➥ What I fear most from Delta – What will be the next wave of “enhancements” or devaluations.

➥ What Delta SHOULD do to improve SkyMiles (but don’t hold your breath).

➥ Maybe some good news, Delta food vouchers are coming back? (now confirmed btw)!

➥ Why doesn’t Delta hide the Skybonus award charts as well?

➥ Here is a strange Delta regional upgrade certificate bug.

➥ What a mess the new “mistake fare” temporary rules from the DOT are!

➥ Are you the procrastinating type? Time to block out some frequent flyer time.

➥ A Delta Points Mileage Run to Wenatchee (EAT) – The totals and points earned

➥ Rookie Wednesday: Starting at square one with Delta – What to do.

➥ What is up with these Delta 2 cell phone people who don’t turn off cell service at takeoff?

➥ Delta is bragging about OFCMB seat choices & what Delta 1st class seat = same as coach?

➥ Let’s have some fun with OFCMB seat names shall we? What it all means in real life!

➥ Even more proof how utterly and hopelessly broken Delta’s award booking page is.

Reminders: Less Delta TSA PreCheck, Chicago Seminars tickets & silly IdeaWorks report!

➥ Delta is now offering west coast 5,000 Skymiles one-way awards & 10,000 point round trips!

➥ Are Delta 25,000 point Level 1 award tickets going away (is that what the quote really meant)?

➥ Review: LG G Android Wear watch & Fly Delta APP performance – boarding pass, TSA & more.

➥ Some of my favorite non-published Delta travel photos for April & May – Enjoy!

➥ With SkyMiles worth (less) than ever, what next? What should a Delta flyer do?

➥ The craziness of Delta & Skyteam seats. Just what are we allowed to choose.

➥ This is not good news: Reg. CRJ200s – “Delta still sees a need for them

➥ New [targeted] Delta survey about SkyMiles & Medallion program. How would you vote?

➥ Welcome to SkyMiles 2015 – 1 Million SkyMiles for an award for two people? Yep!

➥ Consider hotels for long term parking. I will save over 80% on parking!

➥ Bumpertunites, weather and your Delta options (and what NOT to do)

➥ Airport Express SFO stood me up (a service to avoid) & UBER saves the day

➥ Musing over 750,000 & 10,000 point SkyMiles RT award tickets found on & what is next!

Life after SkyMiles – Perhaps we just fly Delta as an airline? Why not?

➥ Delta Air Lines DeltaONE 757 seats and service SFO to NYC (and back) review

➥ What are the best ways to fight jet lag and what are your best “tricks”?

➥ Oh DAL, where are you going and just what will you do when…

➥ Always remember to check the tax on Delta ticket reissues or it may cost you (including awards)!

➥ When the milk dries up, you have to give away the cow (er, what?) Delta status giveaways!

➥ The Radisson Blu Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Delta Points review

Delta Same day change, regional upgrade certificates and open space

➥ Could it be that another double miles perk is on the way out with Delta? What else may be affected.

If you are tired, I am too. It still continues to blow my mind that an airline that is as good as Delta in just about everything they do can have such a bad award program now. Maybe that will change after this summer’s break (hey, I can dream can’t I?)! BTW, if you happened to miss January or February or March,  &  April’s,  newsletter, you can catch up – René


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  1. René,

    We need more revelations from you of your conversations with the SkyMiles team. You said (real & positive) enhancements were coming.

    It’s time to elaborate to keep us in the game!


  2. @laptoptravel – Talk is cheap. Actions is what I want to see. So far actions are not good aka 750,000 point awards.

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