ALERT: Anchorage to Minneapolis $388-1st/$195-coach & 8048/5365MQMs at 4.8/3.6CPM weekday or weekend Delta Mileage Run

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anc to msp 1st class
delta-com anc to msp 1st
rt anc to msp
one day delta-com anc to msp

Oh I am just giddy over this one and may just have to book one just don’t know what day I will pick. There are SO many ways to do this. You can run it coach for lowest price. Or, what I like, book in 1st with 20k FlexPerks points as you are just under $400 for a ticket in 1st class and can do it all in just one very long day. It does NOT work from MSP only from ANC but still at this price even with position costs you are doing quite well.

Again so many ideas including weekday or weekend runs (even with positioning flights out Friday back Sunday). You could even look at trying to (did not test) stringing two days of flights back to back with Flexperks on one sub $400 coach ticket. For me, I just like mileage running in 1st class. It really is SO much more fun and reduces stress 🙂

Here are the 1st class numbers

Cost $388

8,048 MQMs at 4.8CPM

Bookable on


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  1. I know this sounds crazy but here are my weekend plans for late Sept: San-Lax-Sea-Msp-Anc-Msp-Sea-Lax-San. I stay if Anc for 21 hours, it could be longer if you wish. MQM = 10700. All in fare is $371, CPM is 3.46 . Good luck

  2. Help…I’ve tried and I don’t see any deals? Does it have to originate in Alaska? I live in MN and maybe that is the issue?

  3. @Blair – As noted in post, you must start at ANC. You will have to position or fly to ANC to start the run. But at these prices may be worth the cost to fly up and enjoy a day in ANC anyway (that is what I will do as I live in Indiana)! 🙂

  4. A bit too much of a reach for me, unfortunately. I’d have to burn AA miles to position out of DC, and I can’t find any decent deals on Delta to position at this point.

    It’s nice being a student, and not have Friday afternoon classes. I can start runs Friday afternoon and be back by Sunday night. If this were MSP-ANC, I’d totally go for it, but it’s way too much work for me for only 8K MQM (assuming I buy first). Plus, I’m still traumatized from all those red eyes during childhood (going back and forth between my parents). 😉

  5. I just booked two LAX-MSP-ANC-MSP-LAX turns. Both leave Saturday morning around 11 am and return Sunday morning around 9:30.

    261 all-in!

    I booked mine for early November and early December dates but seems there are lots of available dates.

    Nice that I don’t have to take a day off work and have most of my Sunday left (what shape I’ll be in is another story!).

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