CONFIRMED: $50 is the sweet spot for new AMEX GOLD card benefit with Delta!

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I love good news. We already know that the non-Delta AMEX Platinum card personal, as well as the non-Delta business AMEX Platinum card both qualify for $200 in incidentals and the sweet spot for those cards is $50 e-Gift cards (the $100 ones will not work).

Now I can confirm that the new $100  Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express  $100 travel credit benefit works just the same way as you can see from the above screen shot from my statement.

This, and the other new benefits as of 1JUN15, that is, earning 2x Membership Rewards points at restaurants as well as no more international surcharges (hate those) make this card I hold even more valuable and one to consider for many more purchases and spending.

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But first let’s look at the perk this post focuses on. Once you have the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express you will need to select an airline for the $100 travel benefit. You can only pick one until the end of the year. Clearly, if you are a Delta flyer, you pick Delta and you start that HERE and pick with the drop down box the airline you want.

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Then, once you confirm your choice, you will get a confirmation page that you have in fact successfully registered your Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express for the benefit.

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Lastly you will get an e-mail confirmation as well that you are all set. You can now, if you like, purchase a $50 Delta e-Gift card and inside a week expect the charge and the credit to post to your account.

What else can you get credit for? Just about anything you buy on-board like food or drinks (but not GoGo as that is not billed to Delta). Bag fees also count as well as a number of other Delta billed fees as you can see above.

Lastly, the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express is my go-to card for buying Delta tickets (don’t let the Delta marketing spin convince you otherwise). Why? You are earning, when you buy at, 3x points per dollar spent on Delta tickets and that is 50% more that the Delta cards give you. Plus, should you want to, you can just about instantly transfer your Membership rewards points to Delta.

I have to say, as far as value for card membership goes, AMEX is really stepping up the value for us and I cannot be more pleased. Have you registered your card for the new travel benefits yet? – René


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  1. FYI. I purchased two $75 Delta eGift cards and one $50 eGift card on the same night on my American Express Platinum card and Amex reimbursed all three within a few weeks.

  2. Rene, just got approved for the PRG. Will have in 2-3 days. Can you buy two Delta Egift cards for $50 in the same day. I will be making Delta reservation as soon as possible. I believe that I can pay for a ticket with three sources, the two $50 Egift cards and the PRG?

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