What is the best DeltaONE seat on the Delta 767 jet (plus others)? It is as clear as night & day!

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One of my favorite seats on Delta wide body jets like the 767-300/400 series is the 1-2-1 seat configuration. I really like the forward facing seats vs any of the angled seats and I especially dislike the narrow feel of the 777 seats. But these are just tops in my book.

But what is the “best” seat? To me it all depends on a day or night flight. Notice that the “odd” numbered seats have a larger space between you and the aisle. The “even” seats have the space between you and the window.

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The result is simply this. You are going to “feel” the wall of the jet a bit more when awake but when you want to sleep having the extra buffer is sweet between you and those walking past you. If you are taking a night flight I suggest the odd seats along the fuselage.

delta 767-400 DeltaONE busness class seat delta points blog

However, on a day time flight I like more space and like quick access to the aisle and the even seats provide just that. You also get a nice large space to put your “stuff” out of the way of anyone walking past you that could get bumped etc. This is just about the perfect seat for me for a daytime long flight.

DeltaONE center seat best middle seat delta points blog

But what if you are traveling as a couple? Here again the same type rules apply but with a tweak. One of you will be protected on both sides with a buffer for a night flight. The other will not have the same perfectly protected night flight. Also, if you are not flying as a couple, you may find the shared space a bit too cozy if you know what I mean. – René

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  1. I as you really like the layout of the 767 jets.
    That is mainly because I always travel with my +1. And on the 767 it is still easy enough to hold hands during takeoff and landing. Something very important to my +1 and, hence, to me as well.
    Though I have to admit that until now we only flew Delta One on the 767 yet. Or BusinessElite because last time was before the name change.
    Our next flight in the premium cabin will be on an A330-300, if there won’t be any equipment change until then.
    I’m curious how our experience will be. Well I have to wait a few more months…

  2. I prefer seats 1A/D. The foot cubby has a lot more space than the other seats, which is important to my 6’3″, size 12.5 shoe self.

    Sure, the galley can sometimes be annoying, but I’d much rather deal with that than feeling cramped the entire flight. You also get served first, and the service tends to be more personal, since you’re right next to the galley.

  3. Great tips Rene so thanks for that. Checking all my current bookings.I also, like many, use Seat Guru for assistance in my planning.

  4. I agree with you that the odd ones are definitely better for sleeping but the best seat in the house is 1A. You only have closets in front of you so no reason for anyone to walk by (after dinner service of course) AND you get a full sized foot well since its a bulkhead seat. I love the 767 seats, but my biggest complaint about the other rows is the foot well is just so small that if you turn over in your sleep you’re almost guaranteed to get foot-tied.

    Same for the new(ly configured) 757-200s…row 1 has substantially larger foot wells than the rest of the cabin.

  5. 5A is used for crew rest so flight crews must agree that odd numbered window seats are best for sleep.

  6. Flying as a couple but want the window… would you say pick both windows (one behind the other) or pick one window, one middle aisle?

  7. How bout a couple with a 7 year old? I’d like the seat with the space next to the window so I can have the extra space but the little guy would also want a window seat. He could sit either in front or behind me and the Mrs across the aisle. Any other thoughts/ideas?

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