Atlanta to Istanbul $680 & 15544 MQMs at 4.4CPM weekend / holiday Delta Mileage Run

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atl to ist

delta-com at to ist rt

OK I have to admit this is a bit crazy (from someone who did a IST run from Chicago but whatever). The kool parts about this is you are talking a BOATLOAD of MQMs all in one LONG weekend (yes you will IH8U if you do this and go to work Monday). If you can take Monday as your day off for the 4th weekend this could work and enjoy Monday as your “recovery” day from all this non-stop coach flying.

Other bits. You can, for a higher CPM just go ATL-JFK-IST RT and have more lounge time and end up around 11k MQMs. If you have some expiring Global Upgrade certs this could be a good way to burn them! HT to reader Richard who tipped me off to look at this HUB run.

Lastly, from what I can see, you should not need the $20 Istanbul visa since you are connecting same day but it may be worth it just to pay up and get it just in case (you must get it ahead of time now, unlike before)!

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Cost $680

15,544 MQMs at 4.4CPM

Bookable on via JFK route

Bookable on VIA for best CPM route

Lastly, do always consider the fact that, with the current Delta Platinum offer for both the personal and business cards, 10,000MQMs for the card fee is sub 2CPM and after $100 statement credit sub 1CPM mileage run from home! 😉



  1. Is there any way to get this out of MSP over the Aug 7th weekend? Can you suggest any other mileage runs for that weekend. I would prefer a big miles run like the one above.
    Thank you

  2. First, thanks for your reply. By chance do you know of any mileage runs from MSP on the weekend of the 7th of Aug? I looked at the matrix, but my skills are a bit weak re this and I could not find anything

  3. I actually booked this one for 2 weeks out as soon as it hit yesterday but I chose the shorter route through JFK. It’ll be my last chance for anything decent for awhile and enough to get me to Platinum for 2016. Too bad I didn’t use my DM gifts to get the upgrade certs but the flight looks pretty wide open.

  4. I was wondering if you might have any advice for me. I am looking for a MR from MSP on Aug 6 or 7.
    I am trying to find something using ITA but no luck.
    Thank you so much

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