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American Express Centurion Club Miami MIA review & access for Delta flyers (how to get to the club)

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If you have never visited the above Centurion Clubs by American Express you are really missing out. You can get entrance with any AMEX card for $50 per person or the better way is for free for you and up to two guests with either the:

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If you find on your travels you will frequent airports with Centurion Clubs either of these cards can be a real value to you for access to the clubs. You will need a same day departing or arrival boarding pass and ID to enter.

Miami airport, much like San Francisco, does not have connectivity of the concourses on the secure side, that is, you have to exit and re-enter (unlike Dallas where you can take a people mover around on the secure side or LaGuardia that has the lounge pre-securty). This is a real problem for arriving Delta passengers as to get entrance through security you need a same day boarding pass, but your ARRIVING pass is not good enough to get you back through security once you exit.

Centurion Club Miami from concorse level directions

However, the day you depart from Miami you can enter security to the D concourse. You simply go to the right near the D12 gates and you will see ahead to your left the elevators to the club. (TIP be sure to leave ~15 to walk back to the Delta gates then also add time to again go through TSA checkpoint).

Centurion Club Miami elevator up to club delta points blog

You really can not miss the entrance, that is, the entrance to the elevators up to the club.

Centurion Club Miami hours of operation and elevator to 4th floor delta points blog

It is on the 4th floor and the club is open daily from 5:AM to 11:PM.

Centurion Club Miami view left of elevators at top down to concorse delta points blog

At the top when you exit, if you look left, the view down to the concourse is impressive architecturally and worth a few moments of your time.

Centurion Club Miami entrance off elevator delta points blog

Centurion Club Miami Reception desk delta points blog

Turning right from the elevator and entering the club you are greeted by the reception desk. Be sure to take a peek at the “living wall” behind you and notice the artfully shaped airplane in green. Very nice touch.

At check-in be sure to request SPA time if you want either a massage or a manicure (they do not have the facial service that they have in Dallas btw).

Centurion Club Miami work area right of reception desk delta points blog

To the right of the reception desk you will see a sweeping hall that has some seating for laptop use and is a bit quieter than the main seating area.

Centurion Club Miami lockers left of reception delta points blog

Immediately to your left when you enter there is a bank of lockers where you can put your “stuff” and provide your own private code. Very convenient place for coats etc. but be sure to remember to grab everything before you depart! 😉

centurion club shower miami mia delta points blog 2

centurion club shower miami mia delta points blog 1

Continuing on to the left you next have a single shower that is bookable also at the reception desk. If you are in need of one I would inquire right away at check-in.

Centurion Club Miami Spa just off reception desk delta points blog

Continuing into the lounge, after reception, you will see on your left the Exhale Spa. There were two massage therapists on call the day I visited plus one for manicures. I had time for a massage from each and both did a great job. There is no fee for any of the services but tips are accepted.

Centurion Club Miami view left of entrance

At the end of the hall, turning left, you have seating and the bathrooms.

Centurion Club Miami left of entrance work area

Centurion Club Miami closed outside area left of entrance delta points blog

Lastly on the left you have a large work table as well as the lounges complimentary computers and printer. Outside is not open to the public, but would be an amazing space for a Delta SkyClub type SkyDeck seating but it is my understanding that the airport would not allow this. What a shame, but with a door in place maybe that can happen one day!

Centurion Club Miami view right of entrance

Returning back to the entrance corridor you have, moving right into the lounge seating, TV and

Centurion Club Miami right of entrance coffee and kids room delta points blog

A coffee and snack area as well as a small kids room. Nice to see a space where kids can be kids and yet not disturb other guests.

Centurion Club Miami dining area right of entrance delta points blog

Centurion Club Miami bar right of entrance delta points blog

Centurion Club Miami bar dining area and view delta points blog

Lastly we have the bar and dining area as well as the buffet. The lounge was quite full the entire time I was there but seating was not a problem. Food wise I got to the lounge at the tail end of breakfast just before lunch / dinner was brought out. Here are some shots of both choices.

Centurion Club Miami Breakfast choices (2)

Centurion Club Miami Breakfast choices (1)

Centurion Club Miami lunch and dinner choices (1)

Centurion Club Miami lunch and dinner choices (2)

I did not sample the breakfast options but they looked good. I very much like the breakfasts at the other clubs and did have lunch a little later. After a few drinks:

centurion club miami drinks delta points blog

To be fair those were not all my drinks as my friend, and frequent contributor to the blog Noah Mark did join me at the lounge.

Centurion Club Miami Rene and Noah Mark at the bar Delta points blog

And we both had time to enjoy lunch and spa time. Just a nice way to spend a few hours any day of the week.

Centurion Club Miami Food shots from Noah Mark for Delta Points blog (3)

Centurion Club Miami Food shots from Noah Mark for Delta Points blog (1)

Centurion Club Miami Food shots from Noah Mark for Delta Points blog (2)

Keep in mind everything in the lounge is complimentary once you are inside unlike “The Bar” at the Delta SkyClub that has some complimentary and some at a premium price.

Centurion Club Miami Rene and blog reader Joe

And as usual readers are everywhere. It was fun to see Joe again and I look forward to seeing you again later this year, Joe at the Chicago Seminars in October (have you booked your tickets yet?).

Centurion Club Miami Wine and dessert delta points blog

I really enjoyed my single day visit to the Miami Centurion. I was to arrive the night before to spend a full day at the club, but thanks to not just one, but two over sold flights from South Bend, I spent the day before collecting bump vouchers that more than paid for my trip down anyway that was booked with two one-way tickets also mostly on vouchers.

So is it worth it if you are flying out of MIA somewhere in the world to get to the airport a little early to try the lounge? No, get here REALLY early and spend all day here before your trip! – René


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  3. Your timing on posting this is perfect Rene ;-). I was hoping for at least 4 hours in the lounge tomorrow evening but it seems AA/US Air had another plan. Flight to MIA changed time now I just have 2 hours. Arghhhhhh hmpf. Now I am going to need a massage. Thanks for the review!

  4. Thanks for this look/see. Will make my first visit to this one on Thursday with plenty of time to enjoy the offerings (and see if the MIA shoulder/neck massage is a good as the one at DFW). Then LGA’s on Saturday (for lunch) on the way home from ORD.

  5. Surely you jest!

    The Centurion Lounges are nice (I’ve not yet been to the new one @ MIA), but going out of one’s way to spend the day there??????

  6. dotti cahill

    it’s a bummer that SFO and MIA trminals etc do not connect inside of security so cannot get to the centurion lounges at both of these nless leaving for a trip –not arriving,,will these airports ever get it together and connect all of their gatesd????

  7. rene

    @dotti – Yep or at least offer bus shuttle like at some airport. Not really THAT hard one would think.

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  9. @rene – I have an upcoming morning departure to visit the MIA Centurion lounge. You say to go through security terminal D (so far, so good). I can’t, however, figure out how to get back out to Hxx to catch my Delta flight. 15-20 minutes seems optimistic, looking at the map…

  10. rene

    @FLN – It does take a good 15 minutes and if security is bad well it could take even longer.

  11. @rene – I will plan accordingly. I’m looking forward to a couple of hours in the morning at the club. Thanks!

  12. Thiago Hyppolito

    @rene I am arriving on a flight from Sao Paulo on terminal J. Can I access the lounge upon my arrival? Thanks.

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