SWAG Saturday: $50 Delta e-Gift card up for grabs (plus possible $25 amazon card)! #WIN

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

delta air lines gift card

Time for a quick, that is, 24 hour quick, weekend Delta e-Gift giveaway. Plus, as a perk, it will really not cost me anything for this giveaway as I will buy buying it with my favorite AMEX card that earns me 3x points for buying airline tickets directly on airline websites like

  American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

   The Platinum Card® from American Express

My other favorite card nowadays is a card that has so many perks that even if I never use it to buy anything it is well worth holding for me. Centurion lounge access is alone worth it to me (but the add-on card for my wife let’s her join me in SkyClub so that is nice too).

So my question for you is a simple one. With Delta AMEX cards losing so much of their value (due to the decimation of SkyMiles), what card will be your go to AMEX card for purchases. Do you still plan to keep a Delta AMEX card to meet the $25,000 MQD waiver spend, that is, will you spend that much each year to avoid the MQD requirement? Will you simply keep a Delta AMEX card for bag fee waiver or other perks? Share your thoughts on any or all of these questions and I will use to pick a winner tomorrow night, Sunday the 19th.

25 amazon gift card

But wait there is more. You can comment as many times as you like, but there is a condition, that is, you MUST wait at least 30 minutes between comments or the extra comment will not count. Lastly there is one more perk. If you are picked as the winner, and have retweeted this giveaway post (there is a button at the bottom of the post btw), you will ALSO win in addition to the Delta $50 e-Gift card an Amazon $25 e-Gift card as well! Have fun! – René


Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Gonna keep the Delta Amex, but will only use to purchase from Delta.

  2. I just got the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and plan on keeping my Gold Delta AmEx just for the free bag in the next few years as my travel is stopping.

  3. I’ll keep the Delta Amex Gold, since I am near a Delta hub (DTW) for now.

    Once I move, I may get rid of it to avoid the AF. I DO like how it means that I can use miles direct to dollars…I know my sister has like 11,000 miles and basically can’t do anything with them because she hasn’t reached the right threshold, and doesn’t have a Gold Delta Amex.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Nina deltagoldlass is PM Reply

    Hi Rene I have not had a delta Amex card in a LONG time -however in January I believe I’ll be eligible and gladly shall use your link to apply .its a painless way of waving that MQD requirement while spending for regular purchases
    Love your blog !

  5. being a DM MM I’m still going to keep my Delta Reserve in case I’m shy of MQM’s to keep DM at the end of each year. But seriously thinking about moving to AA due to there better rewards program.

  6. Stay with one AMEX Gold for Delta flights but am disenchanted with SKYMILES

  7. Won’t keep delta Amex. However, will keep Amex platinum for centurion lounges as you said.

  8. I’m cancelling my DL Reserve card that I got via your link a few years ago. Sad days

  9. I’ll keep it for at least one more year for the bag fee waver.

  10. Plan on canceling my delta platinum amex when the annual fee comes due.

  11. rick in boise Reply

    Access to Centurions sounds good – so Amex Plat for me too!

  12. I will always have at least 1card for the bag waiver since I am stuck in CVG and almost always have the best options as Delta lights.

  13. I will keep my reserve for the MQMs, it was always my primary reason for having it.

  14. Going to cancel all Delta cards…enough is enough. Will probably not use Amex for primary spending.

  15. Will cancel Delta card and unlikely to reapply in future given new Amex rules on bonuses.

  16. Don’t plan to keep my delta Amex business card- not worth spending money on it with the devaluation!

  17. delta dave Reply

    Even with the many devaluations with delta I still like my delta reserve Amex card. It is still really nice to be able to get into the sky lounge (even if I have to pay for my +1) and the free checked bag.

  18. I will keep my Delta Gold Amex. I will take it one year at a time and decide if it is worth it to keep it.

  19. Will keep the Delta Platinum for the baggage fee savings and the free companion ticket annually. Besides, it’s all set up on mobile and I can manage it in my sleep!

  20. I’m keeping the delta reserve Amex. Still useful for the mileage boost and mqd requirements.

  21. Keeping my cards for now. Mqd waiver is good, mqm good for this year. I’m seriously reconsidering what we do with cards and miles for 2016.

  22. I’ve basically moved all spending off of Amex. If I have to use one, it’s the Platinum card to earn the more flexible MR. I’ll keep the Delta Platinum for the companion certificate. Have gotten $500+ value out of it every year so it’s a no-brainer.

  23. With all of the delta devaluations I am severely tempted to switch to another Amex. Either the gold rewards, platinum, or one with no annual fee 🙁
    My loyalty right now is leaning more towards American!

  24. Going to keep using the Delta Plat Amex for the MQD Waiver, then switch to the Chase Sapphire Preferred for everyday spend.

    2016 will likely be my last year as Diamond.

  25. Keeping the Delta platinum card for 1 more year for the companion pass.

  26. I’ll be keeping, and using, the Delta Reserve for the MQD requirement, but the majority of my spending will be on other cards.

  27. Yes, keeping the Delta card for the MQD spend, and the extra points (maybe) when buying DL tickets. But frankly, if I’ve already made the spend and status for the year, I’ll use my Gold MR card for 3X on Airfare instead. Then I can move the points to where I want (and sometimes get a bonus… sometimes…).

  28. I see no reason to keep it, and no reason to try and meet the MQD waiver — with almost all of the actual benefits of being a PM being erased over the past few years, what’s the point of being loyal?

  29. No more delta amex for me. I’m going to start using my SPG card a lot more.

  30. Rene,
    I currently have a Delta Reserve as does my wife, how shares her award MQMs with me. In addition I have the Delta Biz Plat that I put $50,000 spend on for MQMs. This year no retention bonus on Biz Plat so will cancel and wait 366 days to reapply. So now concentrating on $40,000 spend on Amex Surpass for Diamond status. Also putting spend on non Delta Biz Gold for 3x for computer purchases this year. Put all delta spend on non delta PRG foe 3x or Citi Premier.

  31. I will keep my platinum delta sky miles card for the baggage fee waivers and companion certificate that should at least pay for its self AF

  32. I have a Delta Reserve card which I’m going to downgrade to Platinum still want to get some mqm’s but seeing less and less value to Skymiles so trying to limit my spending.

  33. Since a majority of my travel plans work well with Delta, I plan on keeping the Delta Amex Platinum but only until I hit the bonus MQM thresholds. Otherwise, I’ll be using any of my other cards that will maximize miles & points earning.

  34. My Delta Gold has been permanently relegated to the sock drawer and will be disposed of when the annual fee is due. The AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card will be my go to Amex card.

  35. AMEX platinum for me. You really can’t beat the Centurion Lounges. I get a free bg with the SPG crossover rewards. As for the MQD spend, that is easy to hit with business flights.

  36. Keeping delta plat for MQM bonus but also have plat for lounge access.

  37. Amex Gold only for bag waver until I get my miles used on Delta.

  38. I’ve basically moved all spending off of Amex. If I have to use one, it’s the Platinum card to earn the more flexible MR. I’ll keep the Delta Platinum for the companion certificate. Have gotten $500+ value out of it every year so it’s a no-brainer.

  39. Hi I will keep me AM EX Delta Reserve business card for the MQD’s waiver along with MQM bonus of meeting 30,000 in spend also the companion ticket upon renewal.

  40. I’m cancelling my DL Reserve card that I got via your link a few years ago. Sad days

  41. I have the DL Res card which of course gives me Silver Medallion without even stepping on the plane. BUT with the recent DL announcements, I’m for the 1st time seriously considering swapping for the Amex Plat. If they do the 100k signup again that may put me over the top.

  42. Keeping my Delta card for the free baggage. Being from MSP, Delta is always the best choice

  43. Hold on to the card for MQD waiver unless I jump ship with status challenge/match with competitor later this year or next.

  44. Gonna have to switch cards- can’t justify the annual fee without the MQMs

  45. Probably pick up the Fidelity Amex next year after the Discover Double Cash Back promo ends.

  46. Recently got rid of Delta AMEX for good in favor of Amex Premier Gold Rewards

  47. mike murphy Reply

    I cut back to one amex delta card now, burned my miles before they devalued them 2 years ago. slowly building up miles on it and the using and dumping it.

  48. Thinking of downgrading card – like the free bag options when using Delta for work, but probably will chase miles in another airline starting soon.

  49. I just got the Delta Amex Platinum for Business for the easy 10,000 mqms after 2k spend, I already had the Personal version. I’ll probably have to give one of them up in the next year.

  50. Holding onto Delta Platinum Amex for MQD waiver and companion cert thought this may be the last year. Fee hikes are making it harder to justify.

  51. Michelle DC Reply

    I’ll keep one personal card for the bag fees, but will likely cancel the others unless the annual fee is waived.

  52. Since I’ve already paid the annual fee & met the spend threshold this year, I’ll keep the DL Reserve for now. Time will tell how valuable it will be going forward.

  53. I’m keeping the DL card to help meet the MQD waiver amount. Next year may be a different story depending on how useless my SkyRubles become.

  54. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Reply

    I’ll keep delta platinum for the free flight certificate and free bag check

  55. I am no longer loyal to Delta as they have proven they are not loyal to me as a Diamond Medallion. My strategy going forward is to amass a ton of non-Delta CC points and use them to get the cheapest 1st class seat on whatever airline is going where I want to travel. I’m not renewing any of my AMEX co-branded personal cards and will only get the corporate ones when the sign-up bonus is large enough to make it worth my while. I’ll be a GM for 2016 and that will probably be my last year as any type of Delta jewel. “Parting is such sweet sorrow!”

  56. Will keep my DL Skymiles Platinum AMEX for the MQD waiver and to obtain the MQM bonus.

  57. Keeping for now. Will reconsider when no longer flying Delta (soon) and Costco switches to ?MC.

  58. Will keep Delta Platinum card 1 more year because enough MQM’s will rollover into 2016 that, when combined with the extra MQM’s earned from reaching spend on the Delta Platinum AmEX and taking a two-fer trip next year with this year’s e voucher, I will still have one more year of premier status on Delta in 2017.

  59. Just moved to a United hub city so find myself flying Delta less and less. Will probably put most of my spend on my Amex SPG for now.

  60. I will keep the card for only delta purchases after this year. I am strongly looking to make a switch of allegiance to AA.

  61. Bryan Schmiedeler Reply

    I am going to keep the card for the free bags. But our goto AMEX card is now the SPG.

  62. One more entry for good measure! Think I’ll get the Southwest companion pass again and only use Delta when I have to going forward. #DeltaSucksRocks

  63. Have the delta amex reserve card. Will keep another year and then decide if it’s worth it.

  64. I have the Delta Reserve card, but I just got the blue cash everyday preferred. Seems like I will make a ton in the grocery category.

  65. We will use the delta gold card – skymiles are becoming useless.

  66. No more Delta Amex! Flying Southwest for the first time soon to see how it goes…

  67. Will keep for the free bag and reevaluate my options over the next few months

  68. Have delta for free bags,etc
    Use platinum for lounge access etc.

  69. I will take out a new Delta card if I need to check a bag the next time I use them.

  70. I’ve kept my Business Platinum Skymiles card to help age my accounts. About a year ago, I went from about 80k a year to 1 or 2k. I started using the SPG business card. I like this card a lot, and it keeps me away from Delta. This last rash of changes, though, was just a stake through the heart for me. I’ll be cancelling the card when it comes up for renewal.

  71. Keeping delta Amex for MQD waiver. Already have the miles for 2017 diamond…just need the spend

  72. Ditched my Delta Amex last year. Not to be trusted and most certainly not to be rewarded with my business!

  73. I live near a delta hub but I don’t have the credit card… Did think of getting the amex card due to the sign up bonus. I might yet pull the plug in the next few months.

  74. Keeping my 2 Delta Reserve cards to get the bonus MQM’S for spending.

  75. I think I’m going to hold on to the Delta Gold AMEX for the baggage perks

  76. I’ll just carry on when flying Delta. Gave up on Amex Delta cards because Delta does shady things.

  77. My preferred amex is SPG especially after it eliminates FTFs. I will probably hold the delta platinum amex for MQD waiver and companion cert and dump the delta business amex I got during the last bonus sign up — thanks. I will use Citi Prestige for most airline purchases and Priority Pass lounge access.

  78. Recently became a silver medallion member. Considering canceling my gold delta Amex card as one of the only feature I use was the free bag and early boarding which now I can get with my medallion status

  79. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Go to AMEX for spending will be the bluecash preferred. But am determined to keep the Plat MR AMEX for as long as I travel which I hope is always. Cancelling delta plat in Sept. After I use the comp tix and hit my miles boost.

    2016 will likely be a cashback instead of points year. But that could always change.

  80. I’m going to keep my Delta Reserve for the MQD waiver and the companion pass. Once I’ve got the MQM payouts from the Reserve then spend will go on another card. Not sure which one yet…

  81. I’m on the fence about our Delta cards. Free bags is nice but I won’t put much spend on them So glad we burned most of our miles before this last devaluation.

  82. Keeping my Delta AMEX Platinum, ditching my Delta Reserve, and will most likely replace it with a different credit card, possibly, AMEX Platinum.

  83. Reserve card – Still worth is to avoid baggage fees, MDQ exemption and the first class companion pass. I will reevaluate in another year

  84. laptoptravel Reply

    Keeping the Reserve card, and going for AmEx Platinum after the 3rd quarter

  85. I still plan (at least for now) to hold onto my Delta Amex Reserve and Delta Amex Platinum Business cards to earn MQMs. But if Delta keeps decimating the SkyMiles program (specifically the elite benefits) then I will move onto other Amex cards.

  86. Might get another AMEX card with better rewards if I spend nearly 25K on DL AMEX Plat card this year.

  87. ryan_duesseldorf Reply

    I will still keep the DL Amex Platinum for the companion ticket and the option to use pay with miles. As a DM who lives in Europe, MQM is not (yet!?) an issue for me, however, I have to combat against high taxes when booking award tickets, so it is usually more preferable for me to use pay with miles to reduce my ticket cost but still get MQMs (for personal/holiday trips). The business trips are the trips where I actually earn the miles. On average, i earn 50% less miles in 2015 than 2014, and I usually buy higher economy fare classes to the US. It won’t be long until my SkyMiles reserve is completely depleted because I now consume much more with PWM than I actually earn flying for work. Then I will have to decide if the card is still worth it.

  88. I just want the waiver, the miles are virtually useless if I can’t figure out how many it’ll take to fly somewhere!

  89. I will keep the Delta Amex card. However, I will only use it to purchase from Delta and for the free baggage.

  90. My go to card is the Am Ex Delta Reserve: 30,000 MQM annually, MQD waiver, Sky Club access, Medallion Priority trump card, and Centurion Lounge access. For Delta frequent flyers this card can’t be beat.

  91. delta reserve card is still worthwhile for the MQM’s-here is to hoping they will regain some of their past luster. Rene’ keep up the great work!

  92. Delta Amex Platinum. Hitting the 25k is a no Brainer for my current role and required travel.

  93. phill gold Reply

    just canceled my amex reserve. time to step away from delta unfortunately.

  94. I’m going to cancel biz. DL gold. May keep the personal Plat for the MQM, but not sure. I’m an ATL hub captive and only a casual flyer, so if I can only reach silver, is it even worth the effort? Conflicted in Atl.

  95. Delta reserve card will remain for the mqms. P.S. I have never tweeted and, unfortunately, won’t be able to for the additional. Yes, I’m o,d school . . .

  96. claire cates Reply

    getting rid of my business American Express. Holding on to my Reserve personal. Still trying to decide if the MQDs and MQMs are worth it. Sky Pesos are just not worth it anymore

  97. If delta eliminates rollover MQMs, I will dump all delta amex cards.

  98. ryan_duesseldorf Reply

    correction to my previous comment, I meant MQDs not MQMs. We abroad of course need our MQMs as well, and since PWM tickets also net MQMs then it’s worth it to have one of the Delta Amex cards for me. If Delta were to ever expand the MQD requirement to include those living abroad there then that would be the end of it for me and Delta, thereby eleminating my need and use for the Amex card.

  99. Anyone think AMX is keeping an eye on Delta?
    Our spend outside of Delta will convert to Chase Saphire at year end. Think they will notice?

  100. For now I’m keeping spend on my two Reserve cards for MQD waiver & MQM boosts.

  101. I don’t have a Delta Amex, but I would definitely consider getting one since I live in Atlanta. Up until now we’ve used other cards that aren’t AMEX for travel.

  102. Currently on hiatus from Amex but likely to get the Starwood card once I get settled somewhere.

  103. As of now I will keep the delta Amex. But depending on how the year wraps with delta, I may stop fighting for my elite status and just go rogue in the coming years.

  104. orioncarol Reply

    Keeping Delta Platinum for now. Hub captive and finally DM for 2016.

  105. Keeping just for the MQD waiver but don’t know for how long. Time to shift loyalties since I get none in return.

  106. If I keep a Delta Amex next year it will probably be a downgrade. Not much point in keeping a reserve card which increases upgrade chances when there are basically no upgrades, especially at my level.

  107. Sadly (or not so sadly) my Delta Amex card will become my second tier back-up card, not my primary or “go-to” card.

  108. Keeping my AmEx Reserve card – It’s the only way I’ll have any status at all with Delta (and for me that’s just necessary – even for the few times I fly each year).

  109. I’ll be keeping my Gold DL Amex for the free bag…. but really going to think twice come the annual fee.

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