Delta affected NYC STRIKE and new Delta re-booking VIPER issues already?

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Oh the joys of summer travel. First up we have on tomorrow Wednesday in NYC a strike that could really affect Delta flyers. I have from Delta CORP the following for you:

“While Aviation Safeguards and SEIU 32BJ continue to discuss their concerns, Delta will be taking measures to ensure that our more than 35,000 customers booked through LaGuardia on Thursday are not affected.” – Delta CORP

Good news from Delta, but I have also asked if the “amazing” 2500 SkyMiles bags on time guarantee will be affected and I do have a firm answer and that is YES! They will stand behind it and that is the OFFICIAL word. I would start your timer and check as this could be a good shot at earning more $kyRubles! 🙂

viper new DL IT rebooking issues

Next we have the amazing news about “VIPER” or the new Delta IT APP and Delta.dumb rebooking system that is: “Virtual Inconvenienced Passenger Expedited Reprotection“.

I just today got a text alert for a flight tomorrow for me out of SAV. The problem is I am NOT flying tomorrow, let alone out of SAV. Is this a tiny issue or something else? Who knows. I asked Delta Assist for a few Million $kyRules for the issue as that is about what a trip will soon cost us under the new Delta devaluations. They said it will take a while to get to the bottom of the issue.

My advice on issues is this: CALL DELTA. Delta IT folks are the same people who are running the hopelessly broken award booking page. Do you trust it to find you award tickets at LEVEL 1 (I don’t)? I rest my case! 😉

Anyway, that is the latest news you need to know. Any other major bits going on in Delta land? Be sure to let me know! – René


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  1. looks like you got my text message René — I *was* on that flight. Much prefer routing through LGA when headed up north versus ATL! 🙁

  2. Not sure if you intended it but in spelling out VIPER you used the word Reproduction for the R in VIPER – I think it is supposed to be Reprotection BUT since the system “reproduced” someone’s itinerary and sent it you , then reproduction works as well. 🙂

  3. just called and got detoured through Detroit. They’re aware of the impact and will make adjustments, at least for a PM.

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