Delta confirms end of “real” SkyMiles replacement cards for everyone (so don’t lose yours)!

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in the past you could re-order you delta skymiles membership card

If you notice, in the past, if you ever lost your Delta SkyMiles card you could simply go online to your “My Delta” account at and re-order a new card. Earlier this year Silver Medallions were relegated to printing only. In fact the annual medallion kit and credentials stopped being sent out to Silvers this year and only Gold Medallions and above got them. To see the kits you can see these posts:

This is not news, but could this be the next step toward ALL digital medallion credentials. After all, HOOU coupons & JWD (job well done) coupons could just be printed or stored digitally and printed at will. There is no “real” need for them to be mailed out to us each year. Now as for the #BragTag, that is, the Diamond Medallion “cow bell” (it is metal, so most call it that) and the other tags may still go out if they ever make this change, but I think the days are numbered. Just think what a huge cost it is to mail all these out each year and most folks just toss them in a drawer or even sell them on eBay.

you can no longer reques a real delta skymiles card even as a diamond medallion only print

Notice now, even as a Diamond, I cannot request a replace card. So I reached out to Delta about this change and was told by a SkyMiles representative the following:

“Eligible Medallions will receive their credential at the time they are qualify.

Additionally the page [on] drives member to download our mobile app where the medallion card is always visible and can be transferred to the iPhone wallet. (Passbook)

Yes, this [end of mailed replacement cards] change is permanent. It should not have an impact on packets being mailed out.” – Anthony Black Delta Air Lines

Personally I really am AOK with this change as under MOST conditions this is just not a big deal at all. Normally I just use my digital SkyMiles card or for club access my SkyClub card (screen shot as app can be slow).

However, I also have a photo of my passport and other ID’s inside my phone in a sub-directory. But Delta will no longer allow me to use my digital ID and I must present a real card as proof of who I am. Why is it OK for me to use a digital SkyMiles / Sky Club card but not a digital ID? A bit of a double standard? I think so. You?

Also, dearest Delta, there are some places in the world that just do not accept digital cards and want a “REAL” card for proof of your status etc (much like your own Sky Club reps and my digital ID). So if you ever lose your Skymiles card, you will now have to wait till next year or print one and cover it with clear packing tape and hope that is good enough. – René


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  1. And, those of us who still only have a flip phone don’t have a machine to store a digital copy . . .

  2. AA sent me a physical membership card, and I have no status at all with them. That speaks volumes. Now that I’m not living near a Delta hub anymore, the motivation to stay loyal to them erodes a little bit more each day. The use of single-class RJs by AA/US between DCA and CVG gives me pause, but I don’t think I can take Delta’s insults anymore.

  3. I used to be a frequent flying in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s. I belonged to all of the airlines then. Although my biggest airlines mileage was with AA and US Air, can I still clam my miles from Delta, as I do not have the card anymore and if so, how can I rejoin SkyMiles.

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