Schedule Change Saturday strikes again, Skybonus to LHR 2x & Delta surveys about “trustworthy-ness”!

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schedule change 8-8-15 delta

If you have not taken a peek at your upcoming Delta flight over the next few months you may want to now. Yesterday was another round of “Schedule Change Saturday” changes (see Essential tab E8 post). Why should you care? Delta may or may not e-mail you about the changes to your flights. Here is why you should care:

  • Seats may be not what you picked
  • Jet type may have changed
  • Connection times may be illegal now
  • A flight may be flown by another carrier
  • Your flight may be eliminated

Or a number of other pesky little issues. Many of these can be really frustrating, but this is why it is so important for you to log on NOW and see what kind of mess Delta has imposed upon you. The “perfect” seat you picked may be gone OR, even if the flight did not change much, Delta may have moved you to another seat. Yep, it happens this way.

Next, your seat may have changed because the type of aircraft is now NOT what you booked. There is nothing you can really do about this as Delta has the right to swap aircraft types all the time. They have sold you transport from A to B, that is it.

Illegal connection times sounds just awful but is only airline speak. The rules are really quite flexible and even more flexible depending on your elite status. Domestically if you have less that 30 minutes to make your connection you can change for free. Less than an hour internationally you can change. However you can get consideration if anywhere near those numbers if you are a high level elite. Push them or HUCB.

This is a fun one most don’t think about. Maybe your flight was operated by Endeavor Air and now is being flown by Skywest. Delta is REQUIRED to tell you if a Delta “painted” jet is not flown by Delta itself. I sure would PUSH THEM if they changed who you got a ticket on if it makes you happy to fly something else a.k.a. use this to your advantage if you want a change.

The last one can just be nasty. You may have a missing leg on your trip because a flight has just been eliminated If this happens don’t freak out, but do take the time to search all your options. Yes, it may mean flying the day before or the day after. If it impacts you and you have to, say, stay in a hotel now then get them to issue you a $100 or $200 Delta travel voucher to offset your extra out of pocket fees (yes, they can do this, if not the rep you are talking to, a supervisor can).

delta email 2x skybonus to lhr

2x skybonus to lhr

Then we have a possibly targeted Skybonus London / Virgin 2x promo as you can see above. Always remember to now and then log on to your Skybonus as you do NOT get any promos they offer unless you click and sign up for them. Only after that do you get the perks for buying tickets on the promoted routes. I know Delta Skybonus has some crushing new rules starting 1JAN16 but until then why not get all you can.

survey from delta and what they should have sent out

Lastly a Delta survey bit of fun from a twitter follower. It seems Delta would like to know what we think of them. Gosh, if Delta were a “person” what would I think. Now if SkyMiles 2015 were a person I think the above would be a good survey to send out. What do you think and how would you have answered either one of these? 😉 – René


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  1. @Scott – Could have inserted any crazy name but right now the most “bat crazy” one is “The Donald”. I guess I could have used Richard Anderson as well 😉

  2. @Scott

    Delta Points was trying to be non-partisan. Both sides agree that Trump is crazy.

  3. Trump isn’t crazy. He just honestly speaks his mind with a very low filter in a bold and confident way. If only we had the same honesty from Charlie Anderson and the mothership…

  4. @Scott, sorry but any mental health professional will tell you that DT has a couple of diagnosable mental disorders.

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