How much longer till Delta fixes partner one-way award booking bug (it has been 5 days now)!

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maybe not so easy to redeem one-way awards gone

I really did not think this was going to go on for this long, that is, the issue with NOT being able to book Delta partner awards as one-way tickets on since about 6PM ET on the 12th of August according to both readers e-mailing and tweeting me as well as on FlyerTalk. I told a reader that this issue comes and goes on, that is, partner space disappearing and appearing, but most times it does not last for long. This is especially frustrating when Delta brags about how so much partner space is now bookable on

Just so you have an idea of what is going on, in case you missed it, let’s look at just one route as an example. Virgin Atlantic is flies from Atlanta to Manchester direct but Delta does not. So, if we search for a one-way (NON-STOP) award on 1JUNE16 we get the below results:

no one way award flights can be found on delta-com now on partners

Yep, no seats found. Now this could be a situation where there is no LEVEL 1 award space since, when booking Delta partners, if no LEVEL 1 space is found then you cannot fly on points (just be careful not to pay 2x the points needed). But notice if we search round trip what happens:

many open dates for round trip search in june16

round trip search does show space on VS100 delta partner

Ah ha, so space IS open on 1JUNE16 but you must do a round trip search for the space to show up. And, if you do a one-way search that is not a non-stop flight you can find some seats but notice they are ONLY on all “Delta metal” flights, that is, not on partners:

delta one-way search on delta-com

you can find one way but only on all delta metal on delta-com

Now the short term work around is to search for round trip flights, even if you want a one-way, find the LEVEL 1 space on a partner, then call Delta, ask to have them waive all the fees for calling in since, shockingly, is busted once again (it is always busted, but more so than usual right now). If a rep says no, like the normally very competent DeltaAssist has told us, then HUCB because Delta is CLEARLY aware of the issue and should do the right thing!

delta assist says no to wave booking fee

I have reached out to Delta about just how much longer until this bug is fixed. I will be sure to update this post when I get a response. I know this is frustrating and I am truly shocked this has taken this long to fix and did not expect this to go on for the better part of a week now. I mean, I know Delta IT is rather incompetent and run by revenue management choices but this is just getting ridiculous even for them.

For now, as always when booking Delta awards, if this gets to be too much frustration for you, please reach out to ADAM and use his service. I have had nothing but glowing comments about him and his team and less stress when dealing with Delta is a good thing – right? – Rene

6:PM ET UPDATE:  Still no word from Delta but the ongoing issue seems to be fixed now!


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  1. It appears as if the issue maybe resolved. I just looked and came up with this. Not saying it is fixed completely but I came up with a one-way partner reward.

    LAX11:00 AM to SIN12:10 AMtwo days later
    View Details of KE 18 KE 641
    Flight NumberKE 18, Flight NumberKE 641
    Travel Time 21h 10m 1 stop
    View Seats
    Business (O) |
    Business (O)
    In-flight services amenities:

    Complete Delta Air Lines Baggage Information opens in new window

    Award Tickets cannot be redeposited or changed within 72 hours of scheduled flight departure time.
    Price Overview
    Miles per Passenger
    Carrier-imposed International Surcharge
    Taxes, Fees and Charges
    Total Price
    +$ 33 60
    Terms and Conditions
    General Conditions of Purchase

  2. Yeah, I’m seeing the one-way flights to/from LAX-AKL while searching.

    Now I just need to get my friends to book before the site breaks again.

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