Lightning strikes Delta jet on tarmac – YIKES!

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A @RenesPoints twitter follower retweeted this today and really what else needs to be said but WoW!

lightning strikes delta jet in atl
And you can see the video of this shot as it happens from YouTube user Jack Perkins.

Do take a close look at the tires. Yikes! I was told this was in Atlanta earlier today. Ever been on a jet hit by lightning? – René


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  1. Back in my earliest days of flying 1̶8̶6̶3̶ 1963, our plane (a Delta, of course) was struck in a hell of a storm between Augusts and Atlanta. We lost the starboard engine after a fire erupted…and crawled into Atlanta on a wing and a prayer…From that moment on, I was hooked on flying!

    Flying has continued to be such a neat and excited experience for me !

  2. Retired military aircrew…. have been hit by lightening numerous times, including twice to the radome (burning a hole in the nose and frying our radar) while picking through thunderstorms in advance of a typhoon in southeast asia. Sporting!

    Hit by lightening, in and of itself, not a big deal though…..

  3. Been hit by lightening twice while on a plane. Once was on take off leaving Traverse City, MI sitting next to a young gal on her first flight. It sounded like a huge metal bat hat hit the side of the plane and the inside of the plane lit up. The captain assured us all was ok. The second time, we were flying through a storm and I was sitting next to a pilot and I asked him if he had ever been hit by lightening and he said no and just as he said no, the plane got hit by lightening. It wasn’t as loud or bright as the first time but we definitely knew we were hit. We laughed about it.

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