The KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam #25 AMS airport review

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KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (1)

There are two nice KLM Crown Lounges in Amsterdam. One of them is the “larger” international one and then there is the “smaller” #25, but don’t think of it as a small lounge as space is really quite good as well as amenities etc.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (7)

Both lounges, once you enter, on the back side have reps to help you should you need it. Also, should you wish to take a shower you request that here as well.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (2)

You are immediately greeted with the main food service area (and drinks). All is complimentary. Expect meats and cheese and bread for sandwiches. Most times you can get other nice goodies like some kind of salad or pasta salad (hot but sometimes cold). I have enjoyed chicken wings and a variety of other nummy bits.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (4)

Just to the right of the food area they have soup. Flavors rotate and they are generally good.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (5)

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (6)

To the right of the food area you have another expansive setting area and smaller service area.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (8)

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (9)

Back in the main lounge area you have computers for use as well as a TV “pod” room (for lack of a better word). I do like the attempt at isolation of these areas from the main seating area for semi- privacy for either group of visitors.

While we are on the subject, the wifi is now tied to your name. That is, the code used to be KLM and the date but now includes you name. Interesting change. The speed in the KLM lounges really depends on how packed the lounge is. I have seen performance go from decent to barely usable. Few times would I rate it fast.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (12)

They also have a separated smoking room. Since I do not smoke (worse than that I am an ex-smoker) I really appreciate having this space well away from where I am.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam AMS 25 review (11)

Again, as you can see, for a “small” lounge it is quite nice sized. The only issue could be getting a shower at peak times since this lounge has fewer of them. Then again, I have seen long wait times at the larger Crown Lounge as well. Just know you have a number of them should you want to use one.

I really like this smaller lounge. The staff has been really great to me each visit compared to the slightly more gruff folks at the larger one. I miss having an Xpress Spa close by like the larger cousin but that is not a deal breaker.

A quick word on how to get in. All Delta GM+ flyers can get in if on a coach or business class ticket. However, it is only for departing flights or connecting flights to another Skyteam flight. If you are ending your trip, that is, arriving you cannot get in. What if you are a Skyclub member? I have been turned away on arrival before as well as granted entrance.

Next up my review of the lounge just next door to this one, the Priority Pass Aspire lounge Amsterdam #26 should you not be able to get in to the KLM lounge. This could be a good choice if you have this card from your non-Delta AMEX Platinum card! – Rene

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  1. Wow, your experience could not be more different than ours:

    Torn upholstery throughout the lounge
    Under staffed… We bussed dirty dishes to sit after waiting 25 minutes
    Bathroom a complete pig-pen
    Underwhelming cava all left open with no stoppers… No fizz there
    Many empty bottles of spirits at self-serve bar
    No newspapers or reading material on shelves except for 1 obviously read and ripped up newspaper.

    We come through this lounge every year in the summer during an annual trip…makes the difference one year to the next obvious.

    In the past we viewed the Crown Lounge as one of the big perks of flying out of AMS and with KLM. Don’t feel that way now.

    *Of course I realize how bratty these critiques sound. Still, to see such a degradation from one year to the next, flying same flights at same times, is worthy of mention. Cheers.

  2. Interesting observations. I fly through Amsterdam a half-dozen times a year and always like the lounge, if only because on the return trip the KLM agents are authorized to upgrade me from economy-class to business-class on Delta metal for very little money. Sometimes it can be worth it. My only problem is sometimes I’ve been treated poorly because the agents are overworked — the international lounge really has too many passengers compared to the number of agents, especially on the ‘help desk’ — and sometimes can come off as arrogant and snotty. It also doesn’t help that even their better agents aren’t familiar with some of Delta’s policies, which has occasionally resulted in me calling Delta or emailing their @DeltaAssist desk for immediate assistance. I always ask for the shower as I like to collect the toiletries (I donate them to my church’s homeless shelter). I’ve seldom been able to use it. There’s always a long, long wait. The food can be so-so, but the drinks are good and self-serve. Generally, the lounges are pretty quiet between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., if that works with your flight schedule. It’s the early morning rush and late afternoon that is the busiest.

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