Another weekend of “Schedule Change Saturday” – is it wreaking havoc on your flights? What to do and what you can ask for!

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another schedule change saturday notice has hit

Reader  Rob tweeted me today  about another round of “Schedule Change Saturday” (see Essentials post E8) messing with one of his mileage / vacation runs. It really can be maddening when you have picked the “perfect” flights and Delta decides to change when, and sometimes even where, a jet flies you. BTW this latest round may have affected your flights or it may not have!

Also as I quick rookie-ish overview, sometimes Delta will e-mail you about changes and sometimes not. Sometimes they will just go ahead and change things for you and NOT tell you and you will see a green check change as you see above. Other times the change is so bad that there is a RED check mark and they want you to click things. I NEVER click things – I call. If I were you I would call and let a Delta rep click things in case things go bad (we are talking Delta IT here, folks)! Lastly, in either case, your “perfect” seats you picked may no longer be available. PLEASE check all your seats on all your flights when “Schedule Change Saturday” hits us (you can thank me later)!

But let’s dive in further of using today, and other “Schedule Change Saturday” days, as an opportunity for us rather than a frustration. Sure, I understand most times it is NOT a plus and especially so if you now must overnight and lose a day of vacation perhaps, but again look at ALL of the options. Like what?

Let’s say you are an award and are not a Platinum or Diamond. Before you call, check all the flights around you. Even maybe check two one-ways compared to the one round trip you have. Have any of the flights gone down from LEVEL 2+ that you booked (shame on you, call Adam next time) and are now LEVEL 1 awards? You may have a FREE shot at reissuing them at the lower award price thanks to “Schedule Change Saturday”! Or, in my case, I have my anniversary trip booked with two one-ways and paid LEVEL 2 on the outbound and LEVEL 1 on the return. I also have a voucher in my wife’s name that is expiring. I may split my reservation, re-deposit her award ticket, get a paid 1st class for her (now that the price has gone down) and just keep my award ticket. #Winning.

What else should be considered? Without just completely rehashing older posts on this topic (you can search the blog), this really is a chance to think about all your options and not just flights. Perhaps you did have an overnight before and now could dump that and save the hotel points you were going to use. Or, even look at what nights you have booked and is a red-eye an option to save a night (if you don’t mind a red-eye, that is). The bottom line is you could save a bunch of hotel points you have booked and I love my SPG points (increased bonus point offer ends soon fyi). So many choices that could save you points, time or money.

So if this round of “Schedule Change Saturday” has caused you pain – I am sorry. But, at least, unlike Delta most times, I am alerting you to the changes and what you can do! – Rene


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  1. Called and changed my trip to HNL and was able to drop leg through SEA and fly direct. This is only second schedule change for me with both times being advantageous in the end. Thanks for your blog.

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