Delta AT LAST unblocks 1st class seat map. Then proceeds to break the C+ seats instead! :-(

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YEAH! I can see 1st class seats again.

YEAH! I can see 1st class seats again.

At long last! I mean it has been just about ALL summer long we have had this ongoing IT bug that is that if you happen to be booked in coach then you would not be able to see what seats were open in 1st class. This was happening on award tickets and paid tickets regardless of fare class on the Delta web site.

Now before today, the only workaround was to use the Fly Delta App as it did show the 1st class cabin open seats or, from a computer, do a dummy booking and see what seats were open to buy. Super frustrating so thank you SO MUCH Delta for only taking about 3 months to address and fix this issue. And now, we have this:

c+ seats and exit blocked now delta map

C+ blocked on app too

This one really is less frustrating but still – why Delta? If you have booked a seat in first class you can no longer see the C+ cabin open space or exit row open space (i.e. preferred seats). It is busted on Delta.dumb and busted on the Fly Delta App.

Again, who cares since you are already in 1st class? I guess the spot where it could affect you is if you are in 1st and have a split reservation, or another reservation “Linked” or cross referenced to yours, and you would like to see the seat map to maybe move the rest of your party into other seats and would like to have an idea of what is open before jumping into their accounts or contacting Delta? At least that is the only issue I can think of, maybe you all can think of others and comment below.

Anyway, I am thrilled the first main issue is fixed. Frustrated that it seems, with all things Delta, if they fix one issue they break another. – Rene




  1. René –

    What is you are booked into C+ already? Are they blocking ‘other’ C+ seats visibility?

  2. Hi Rene, yes, I noticed it too last week that the first class issue has been fixed. But I think the other problem you mentioned with c+ seats is not really new, is it?
    I’ve seen this for weeks or even months.
    It’s been quite some time that I booked flights for December. Some flights in the premium cabin and some in coach … I’m sorry … main cabin 😉
    My main cabin flights I am now indeed able to see space in first class.
    But on the other flights c+ looked like sold out (and preferred seats it seemed to me) though main cabin seats further to the back and most of premium cabin were still empty.

  3. New development in this regard or just a temporary glitch?
    In December we (I and my +1) have two international flights in Delta One, one domestic flight in first and one flight in c+.
    The seat map for my flight in c+ looks realistic (main cabin and first show taken and available seats, I even see available c+ seats).
    All other flights in which we sit in front of the curtain show a full premium cabin. Also a message is shown that all seats in my cabin were taken, so no chance to select a different seat.
    Luckily, I am not interested in changing my seat selection, I’m just checking everything is as chosen earlier.
    I don’t think that those flights are now full in the front when they were more than half empty just yesterday. And funnily only those flights where we are seated in the premium cabin ourselves.
    The one flight where we sit in c+ shows an almost empty first class cabin (with just 2 of 30 seats taken yet).
    Anyone noticed some similar effects?

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