August Delta & Aviation news day. Time to catch up with stuff that got my attention!

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Once in a while I like to share some Delta & Aviation related stuff that I had to click on or I think you would enjoy as well. Let’s dive in.

  • Mike Rowe has a loose wire. Well, to be clear, not Mike himself, but his FA call button had one on Delta. It is a fun read from his Facebook page and try to read it with Mike’s voice, pace and tenor in your head and it will be even more funny.
  • Delta jets always fly. Well, mostly and from the Delta FaceBook page, sorry NewsHub, we get bragging about a new record of non-canceled flights. The are doing a great job and should be commended. Now could we get a new record of days without an “enhancement” to SkyMiles and that would be something also to crow about (to me)!
  • No more AA tickets from Delta! That is for non extreme weather etc events. I have a bigger post on this in my head but trying to work out some details. Either way, if you need to be rerouted due to Delta issues, don’t expect to be put on an AA flight instead.
  • Just how many SkyMiles you ask? More and more of the mainstream press is publishing that “How many SkyMiles does it take to get that free flight on Delta? The sky is the limit.” Yeah, not just that, they may charge you for two tickets too. We all know this, but others are finding out too. Good. But Delta does not seem to care as long as they keep flying on time and completing flights. Sigh.
  • Delta SkySpa for workers. Delta never does anything without a dollar motive. Maybe I am cynical but I think Delta is doing these worker spas to stop or head off the next union effort. Time will tell.
  • DAL stock price is up! Way up I should say. Delta is done, for now, with stupid oil futures hedges and some are saying oil is heading to $20 per barrel. That is amazing good news for Delta and DAL. The negatives could be pilots new contracts, if FAs form a union, the economy and other events that could affect earnings. Just as an FYI, I do not hold any DAL stock or plan to buy any.
  • Last site for 2k AX GCs? One of the best ways of lowering your cost to meet the spend on so many cards is buying 2k gift cards with your name on them and then using those to buy VDGCs that you can load to BlueBird. But, most of the cash back sites have gone to $200 cards max for cash back making them worthless. There seems to be one site still offering 1% back (yeah not much but still) on 2k cards. I have an order in but have not been paid. Call this one #Developing.
  • Delta Mileage Runs are HOT! OK maybe not really “news” worthy but just sharing that it IS that time of year and I am shocked we are finding 3-4 cent per MQM mile range prices and some of them are even on weekends. I plan to post as many deals as I can find so keep a close watch on the “run tab” on the blog if you need more. Or, just get a Delta Reserve card and pick up 10,000 MQMs from home (hint: much simpler but less fun)!

So that is my list for this month. Any other neat aviation news bits you think we should know about please comment below and share a link so we too can enjoy it as well! – René

PS – One month from TODAY I will be at the Chicago Seminars. Will you be?


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