Rumor CONFIRMED: Delta 737-900ER tilting IFE screens are here (at least on some birds)!

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new tilt screen for Delta 737-900er

I was on the very first ever Delta Air Lines revenue flight for the 737-900ER. I was, at the time, impressed. I was geeked out. It was a rush.

Now, having spent a great deal of time on this jet, I am a bit less enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it but just not as much as the very first time I got to try it. Why?

One of the biggest problems with this jet, from a customer experience stand point, is that it has too much “stuff” crammed into too small an air frame. The front row of 1st class is SO bad that leg room is practically nonexistent. Same goes for the DEF in the front row of Comfort Plus (avoid this row please). Also the bathrooms are micro tiny and even the leg room in the rest of 1st class is just barely enough to be OK. I have thankfully not spent a great deal of my time in coach, but that is a really a cramped space and even the exit row is not much better (other than the window seat with no seat in front of it).

But one of the greatest irritations was that the truly fabulous and gorgeous new HUGE Panasonic screens are “locked” into the seat back in 1st class. Thus, when someone reclined, you could almost not see the screen (unless you slid way down in your seat). Someone told me Delta has, to compensate,  adjusted the amount of recline so there is less now, but I can NOT confirm that. It seemed to me the recline was in fact less the last time I was on one but it could all be in my head (or back I don’t know). But at least one thing HAS been fixed – the screens now tilt (on some of the jets that is).

The photo above in the opening of the post may not look like much but it made a big difference to me. I found it much simpler to see the screen without having to “adjust” my seating. The screens are so nice it is great to be able to watch them clearly.

Notre Dame game on SAT TV on Delta 737-900er

Nothing like enjoying a good lunch and Delta service, a movie and then finishing it all off with a Woodford Reserve plus SAT TV and a Saturday afternoon Notre Dame game – right? – Rene




  1. I have somehow flown only 1 flight on the 737-900 and when I was on Satellite TV was not working (was told them did not have FCC or FAA approval)……I assume based on your earlier comment that Satellite TV works on it now? We are flying ATL-SFO in a few weeks on a Saturday afternoon and watching football is VERY important to me.

  2. @Jim – It was on mine. Yes, at first, they were waiting on some kind of approval. That was LONG ago so all should be fine now. Enjoy!

  3. How could you enjoy a good lunch and Delta service, a movie and then finish it all off with a Woodford Reserve plus SAT TV and a Saturday afternoon Notre Dame game, if the leg room was terrible and the bathrooms are tiny?

  4. Hi again Rene, I have flown the 737-900 many times and I have had the same FC problems. The bulk head is the worst, but the seat declined, watching the screen is not good. However, the entertainment system, plus live TV is so great that it makes up for all the other. Where else could I fly SEA-MSP to have the Pope saying mass, especially after my missing it last Sunday! LOL.

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