What was the “spark” that opened your eyes to the world of points and points travel?

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A bunch of years ago I found Rick and his little blog. I was hooked. I have to embarrassingly admit I would some days wake up at 3 AM and think “maybe Rick has a post live now I can check out“. Many times he had and I would then be up most of the night my head spinning thinking of how I could make whatever he talked about work for me (also why I tend to take my posts live at a more humane time btw).

chicago seminars 2015 tickets

Anyway, this post is all about the most mind blowing weekend you could go to two weeks from today in Chicago and there are still 100+ tickets for sale  <–LINK  (as of this post)! And you can read about the event at THIS FlyerTalk post as well.

The first time I ever went I was blown away. I sat through session after session and could not believe my ears. So many travel and points ideas I had never ever dreamed of. Sure, some were not for me but so many I could make work for my circumstances and travel patterns. Then, outside the sessions, most of the speakers were floating around and were happy to say hello and chat with you and answer any questions and they seemed as excited about all this as I was. Just neat!

The best part of all this is how the “game” has changed since that first event and how in many ways it is just the same. Many of the “point haters” out there tell you it is not worth it. It is just too hard. You can NEVER find seats or make it work. Really? Humm… I have my anniversary trip booked for this winter to somewhere warm. I am flying 1st class for just the tax. I am staying for a week for nothing in a room that would cost almost $300 per night. My food, that I eat in the hotel and bill to the hotel, I will use points to wipe out the cost. I likely will get my car rental for free on points. So, my trip will not be “free” but it will be a tiny percentage of retail. That is the value of points if you are willing to work at it and learn how to do it. Chicago Seminars is one way to do just that!

This year, as I have done for many years now, I will be talking about Delta. I will share a bunch of stuff I never EVER blog about and never would – EVER! Some tips are just too good for everyone to know about like how to reach elite support and help even when you are not an elite. Yeah, that kind of stuff and a bunch more. 😉

Bottom line is you could be, two weeks from right NOW, chatting with me face to face and asking me any travel questions you have. Please come and say hello! – Rene


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  1. I signed up for a Northwest World Perks account in 1994. In those days you could churn long distance carriers. I did this before I was old enough to get a credit card. The rest is history!

  2. Hey Rene, just tried clicking on the link above for the seminar and it stated “webpage does not exist.” I am using Chrome. Also, love the new Blog title, and it deserves to be under your name.
    Anyway, the point of my email is that I have been following you, Darius, The Points Guy, Loyalty Lobby and View from the Wing for a couple of years now. among others. I have more credit cards than I can count and have used every bit of advice I read that is pertinent to my situation. I know all about the value of Avios points and have used them numerous times. I flew to London on BA in FIRST this year, all on AA miles, only 125,000. I have been a Diamond for 3 years and take advantage of my GU’s and RU’s, have used AS miles on Delta and AA, I use Bluebird still and it works and have started using Plastiq. I have both Delta Reserve cards, the AMEX Business Platinum card, Sapphire, Ink, WN, AS, AA, BA, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and both SPG cards. I am top tier in all those hotels and know how to manipulate the system of all. I use ITA Matrix to search for flights and the HUCB routine. So my question is, do I need the seminar for any more info? Except to meet fellow travelers and experts, I am wondering if the seminar would give me anything new that would really be unique over and above what I already know,THANKS TO YOU EXPERTS!!!

  3. @Scott – wwoopsss fixed link thanks (had too many hhhhtttpppssss’s in the link)
    Heck just come to the bar at the hotel and have a beer if nothing else. I will be around there much of the time chatting! 😉

  4. Scott, I was at the original seminar many years ago and have been to every Chicago Seminars since inception. I also read many of the blogs that you mention (or at least those with original information). I must say that I continually find new ideas at the Chicago Seminars that are not in the blogs – enough so that these ideas at least pay for any costs for the seminars and travel. Similar to working for a major corporation in sales – I learned so much more about how to sell in the bar after hours talking to the experienced reps than I ever did in the company sponsored stuff!

  5. After gaining Silver status with Delta due to all the flying, I realized all the perks that came with (starting with my first upgrade to BE with Skymiles), so that’s when I began chasing status. That would not have happened nowadays with the stripped down programs.

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