ALERT! Delta schedule change Saturday has struck again! Please check all your flights!

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delta schedule change saturday 3oct15

If you go and check your current reservations you may, or may not, see an UBER tiny little red time stamp on the side of one of your reservations. Please understand it is not like Delta IT tries to make it really clear you have been affected and wants to alert you to issues you may have.

However, when you do click your reservations for full screen you will then possibly see a BUNCH of nasty changes. Like what?

You may see changes that make connections impossible like a flight that now lands after the next flight has already departed. Yeah, I had a rep try to tell me she was going to charge me for a change. I asked her to explain how I could make my connection since it departed while I was still in the air from my previous flight. She then finally relented that they would waive the fee (oh thanks!)! #KeepDescending for even asking me to pay.

So what to think about if you have a change? Let me make a long list:

1) NEVER EVER click ACCEPT (or CHANGE) on Delta.dumb
2) Search for other choices before you call
3) Consider ALL options on Delta metal
4) Look at Co-Terminal options
5) Consider cancellation option
6) If SkyMiles look at current options
7) Check your seats for equipment change
8) Make sure ticket is reissued correctly

Yes, this is a long list but each point is just really important. Let’s expand on these one by one and see why and how you can benefit because it really is all about you not the mothership (they will be sure to “ding” you if you want a change right)! It is your turn to take advantage of the mighty Delta schedule change rule.

Renes Points 1) We all know that bad things can happen when you “click on stuff” on Delta.dumb. Very bad things in fact and if you then call for help after it goes bad they will blame you for the issues. Please, don’t ever do that. Just call. That way when the rep “cleans it up” and things go wrong they can fix it and there is no way it can be your fault. They must fix it before you hang up. Do not hang up until they do and you verify it in your My Delta!

Renes Points 2) Check all your possible options. If you are NOT on Delta flights you may want to change to Delta flights. If you do NOT want to be on Delta flights you may have to tinker with connecting flights to keep your NON Delta flights. It may mean a longer layover etc. but know you can NOT force space on partners – only on Delta metal.

Renes Points 3) Consider more direct (or indirect) Delta choices. Remember the cost, the points or other bits do not matter other than a seat is open on jets with Delta painted on the jet and that includes all the regional partners. Sure you still have to have a “legal” route, but you have already checked that right?

Renes Points 4) CO-Terminals are another amazing gem and especially so for top elites. A CO-Terminal is, for example, ORD & MDW in Chicago or JFK & LGA in New York area. But even better the rule is basically less than 100 miles. So, do a little search from your departure or arrival airport and if there is one within 100 miles it could be considered a CO-Terminal under the schedule change rule (again simpler for elites to pull off than non-elites).

Renes Points 5) Consider canceling the ticket. Why? Oh there could be a bunch of reasons. For example, if you have done what I have suggested above  😉  then you may have found the other routes or whatever cost less now or is less points now or in some way a savings for you. Maybe this is the chance for you to save some cash or points on this ticket! Just beware of canceling BOGOF AMEX Platinum or Reserve card flights as you will NOT get the cert back.

Renes Points 6) This sorta works with point 5 but do look at your current route like you are booking a new ticket. Maybe it is LESS $kyRubles now. If so, when they reissue the ticket, be sure the mothership gives you the difference back for the lower price in points. Or, again, consider other routes if they can offer you LEVEL 1 award prices. This is YOUR trump card time to get the best deal you can. If you over paid in points to begin with then shame on you, you should have called ADAM!

Renes Points 7) This can be HUGE. You may have been bumped out of your “perfect seat”. Or, some seat you may have wanted may now be available as your perfect seat because Delta has bumped some other loyal flyer out of their perfect seat and now you can grab it from them. Or, the jet may be different and you can pick an even better seat. Or, again due to changes, if you are trying to use an RU cert as a Platinum or Diamond space may all of a sudden have opened up so do ask when talking to the rep.

Renes Points 8) The last is so important. Things can go wrong even with a rep. Make sure you get an e-mail confirmation that the ticket has been reissued correctly. It can take some time but if not done say inside of 24 hours then it is time to call back and just ask if the changes the amazing rep you talked to yesterday are done as you have not got a confirmation e-mail that the reissue is all done.

So there you are. One of the last greatest things Delta offers you is the MIGHTY schedule change rule. Also a HUGE HT and thanks to twitter follower Rob who, as is often the case, tips me off that some weekend was another one to check to see what mess Delta has caused to our flights as Delta sure does not alert you until often it is too late! – Rene


  1. Rene,
    – on #4, I once tried changing a flight between EWR and PHL, and they wouldn’t consider those co-teriminals (only NYC EWR-JFK-LGA as per the agent) — have you had luck with the 100-mile rule?

  2. I do not see see that red button anywhere. But when i pull up my reservation I see this verbiage: “There has been a change affecting your trip. If you are not satisfied with this updated itinerary, you may be eligible to change your flight(s) at no extra cost. ( Conditions Apply) ” I am going through the flight information and don’t see anything other than a 1 min departure change. Would they really alert on that? There is no option for accept change, only a change button and a cancel flight button.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Just called to change one of my flights. 20 minutes to connect in ATL didn’t exactly make me feel comfortable… 🙂

  4. Not many comments on this post, so I’ll take advantage and ask here. If delta.dumb says the ticket change is a ton more expensive (I paid super cheap for my current flight, but it got affected by schedule changes) – would you think it’s still possible to do a change and get it for free? I’m just trying to take advantage of the schedule change (trip in October) to be able to reroute to JFK instead of EWR. What do you think? Possible?

  5. @Tom – Never ever click on Delta.dumb. Always call. Bad things can happen if you click. Amazing things can happen when you call. Yes, much is possible. Check routes you want before you call.

  6. Thanks! I contacted them (phone and Twitter) and they said the requirement is now 90 minutes, and I’m 83 minutes in total across my 4 legs. I’ll just wait. They told me it’s possible if 90+ mins 🙂 or I can change it now and pay LOL.

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