Minneapolis to Dallas $163 & 3958MQMs at 4.1CPM weekend / weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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dec msp to dfw

dec msp weekend dfw run

msp to dfw

weekday msp to dfw

BOOK FAST this one will not last long as it is a heck of a deal. Yes you are talking an overnight in DFW but let me think about this for just a second – you get to spend the day you arrive (if you are smart enough to have access) at the Centurion Dallas as well as the day you depart. You can do this run on a weekday or weekend. HELLO! At almost 4CPM at a Delta hub airport? Hello!

Anyway, do notice Delta.dumb is not going to price this right. Start at Kayak. com and use their multi-day search to find them. Here are the numbers

Cost $163

3,958 MQMs at 4.1CPM

Bookable on Delta.com via KAYAK.com

Example 1 DEC weekend via KAYAK <–LINK
Example 2 NOV weekday via KAYAK <–LINK
Example 3 NOV weekday via KAYAK <–LINK

Now the way do you do this, if you are new, is FIRST you log in to Delta.com. Then, you open Kayak.com and click the link for the found search and it auto-plugs-in the info. Simple right! – Rene

PS – If you happen to do the 16NOV one you will likely run into me at the Centurion as well as at HARDEIGHT BBQ later than night 😉




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  1. @Chris – Yep there are about 4 days in NOV for same day. Just pushes it to 5.2 CPM. Still an OK deal for a MSP hub IMO.

  2. Rene,

    when I go to book, it says changeable/nonrefundable. I believe it shows that in your screenshot too. I’m thinking of booking and if I need to cancel it, I normally would have until tomorrow. Is that accurate or will I lose the funds?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Adding ATL as the origin for Dec 5th, brings it up to $322, for 5,154MQM at 6.2CPM.

    4 segments, upgrade with miles costs 28,300 miles. Brings it up to 7,732 MQM. Still at $322, means it’s 4.2CPM out of pocket.

    Thoughts? I’m thinking I’m going to book this and wait to see if there’s a problem that you share with me within 24 hours. 🙂

  4. @Matt – I like your thinking just be sure your UG qualify for full MQMs. I am clearly not a fan of that so do not study it that close.

  5. Well, quick followup. No dice on the upgrade. Kicked it back as “fare sold out.”

    It certainly seemed too good to be true. I could still get the regular rate at 6.2CPM, but that seems a little high for a MR. Even though we don’t see many MR opportunities out of ATL.

  6. Booked 3 yesterday! Trying to book another now. Keep getting repriced at checkout. Is it dead?

  7. @MSPDeltaDude – Could be. Have not priced recently. Shocked it has held on this long honestly! Well done grabbing 3 🙂

  8. I’ll be on same day run from MSP on the 17th as well. Don’ get to DFW until 1:28 pm however!

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