[TARGETED] AMEX HHonors Gold from AMEX & how to share the perk with others!

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

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Unless you happen to be living under a digital rock you are or should be well aware that if you happen to hold one of the cards below, you can now upgrade, not just to SPG GOLD status, but also to Hilton GOLD status for free:

The Platinum Card® from American Express <—LINK

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN <—LINK

I happen to hold both of these cards right now and, as I will show you in a bit, that can be a big advantage for you.

rene hilton gold email

My e-Mail from HHonors today

However, it is somewhat targeted. For example, if you have the additional user card that is you are NOT the primary card holder you will likely not be targeted for this offer (but you can try calling). First how to get it. You simply go HERE and log in with your AMEX card holder account info.

hilton gold 0

hilton gold 1

hilton gold

Then you simply input your HHonors number into the correct field and in a day or two you should see your status upgraded (award wallet alerted me). HHonors Gold status is nothing to take lightly. I have had HUGE suite upgrades before along with free breakfast for my wife and I and more. Please take advantage of this if you have non-Delta AMEX Platinum cards personal or business.

my wife is now hilton gold

However, my wife, since she is an add-on user to my card, was not able to get the offer. But, notice that I hold both the personal and a business card. I simply put in my wife’s HHonors number into the field for one of the two cards, and at about the same time as me, she too was upgraded to Gold status. Not bad. Would this work with someone outside your family? No idea but I would think anyone with the same last name should work fine. – René


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  1. I’ve found Hilton quite stingy with suites for Gold elites. In fact, the trend continued even when I made HHonors Diamond. However, René is spot on about breakfast. This is something Hilton does well. Moreover, a growing number of Hilton properties charge for WiFi, which is waived for Gold and above. Worthwhile!

  2. Does Hilton have a permanent silver or gold status for life if you reach a certain level after years of being a hiltonhhonors member, like the silver status for a delta million miler? I’ve looked all over the Hilton website but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

  3. This offer is available for additional card holders, (Added onto a Platinum Account). You just have to call. Activated today.

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