OfficeMax now offering $500 VDGC and MCDGC

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Renes Points VDGC

Starting this week Officemax will now offer loadable Visa Debit Gift Cards and Mastercard Debit Gift Cards with a $5.95 fee per card, however with initial tests the fee only registered for $3.95 each.

renes points GC rack

With my tests it took 2 tries swiping the card for approval and then was successful purchasing a single $500 card and then 2 $ 500 cards in a single transaction with my Ink Plus and Ink Bold.

Apple Pay was also successfully tested for those of you who have Simply Cash (confirmed) or possibly Ink loaded to your Apple Pay. (Edit: no Ink for now in Apple Pay I have been told).

Clearly this is a game changer with a HT to Pointchaser ! – René

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  1. And to think, I just had a Staples refuse to sell me a $200 Visa Gift card, said CASH ONLY…….*sigh*

  2. What do you mean by simply cash with Ink loaded?

    Also, unless things have changed, the Ink couldn’t be added to Apple Pay.

  3. @Pointer – Sorry mobile posted and fixed post. That is confirmed with Amex Apple Pay and should work with Ink as well .

  4. @FNT – You can if you do not have a SimonsMall near you sure. The perk of INK is the 5x but why not as long as at this low price to buy! If it jumps up to the $5.95 then I would find a SimonsMall for the $3.95 fee cards!

  5. I am surprised you were able to purchase these cards with CC. I am going to OM to check it out tomorrow but I don’t think that will last. Very soon they will start checking ID or limiting quantity, or worse going cash only.

  6. Hello Rene,

    Which store did you go? I tried several stores in SoCal, they have $500 GC available but cash only.

  7. @Dave – One near Elk Grove IL as I am here at the Chicago Seminars. 🙂
    Clearly I am right now mapping out all the stores to hit on the way home to SBN 😉

  8. @Patrick – They do ask for ID. I have no issue with this. I agree this will not last but will enjoy it as long as it does last!

  9. May want to call the credit card company to alert them about not a fraud if you are away from home. My purchase took almost 20 mins longer due to repeated calls to Chase about the fraud purchase block.

  10. @SDO – We found them near Elk Grove IL but here at home in SBN they have non in stock (well in AZO area that is) yet.

  11. I have been buying tons of Amex Serve cards at Office Max with my Chase Ink Business card. Yesterday they said that Office Depot has instructed them that it can now only be bought with cash. Is this also true for the Visa cards?

  12. @Springbok – OD only takes cash for non-fixed cost cards so it could be that will soon move over to OM as well. That will be a sad day when and if that happens. But would not shock me to see that happen soon. Buy NOW while you can.

  13. I phoned a second manager at OM today. Confirmed that Office Depot who owns them have instructed them ASAP not to except credit cards for Amex Serve. Likely the same applies now to the Visa and MC prepaid cards. Did 200,000 points on my Chase Ink since May.
    I’m trying to understand Bluebird and how you earn miles on it. I read your other post and am still unclear. 1. Open Amex Bluebird card. 2. Buy Visa or MC up to $500 with my credit card. 3. Transfer funds to BB. 4. Can I choose cash back? Withdraw money with the BB? 5. Can I draw a check to Chase to pay of my credit card? Thus, is BB used to basically create a loop and move my money around each month and earn miles?

  14. check your amex simply, mine posted the catagory as wholesale.. and agent told me will earn 3x only.I have filed a dispute, and agent told me will earn 3x only… we’ll see

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