12 FREE GoGo passes good on 4 MAJOR airlines! AMAZING US Bank FlexPerks card Signature Visa offer

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I love my fellow Boarding Area bloggers. They are just the best. You see this afternoon I was working on a post and took a break to check twitter and found my fellow blogger Stefan from Rapid Travel Chai had posted about a shopping bonus offer (check yours here) I also had just got in my inbox:

my usbank flex perks offer

Well to be fair my offer was better than his offer, but that is not what this is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I always spend many dollars on my US BANK Flex Perks cards <–LINK because they get me Delta Elite Mileage Runs for just $94 for up to a $400 ticket (see the post if you don’t understand).


But then another fellow Boarding Area blogger Amol from Travel Codex blogged about an offer he was possibly targeted for, that is, 12 FREE GoGo passes. But he left out a few AMAZING tiny bits. More on that soon. You see when you click the offer link inside US BANK you see this:


And that takes you AWAY from the US Bank site to the GoGo site that:


Validates your US BANK Signature Visa card and tells you if you are eligible for the 12 FREE GoGo passes. That link my friend is HERE (you are welcome Amol and Stepan).



Notice that GoGo tells you these will NOT work in an account that you already have some GoGo service with. Here is a tip. Make a new account with another email with GoGo and dump the passes to THAT account instead. That is what I did.



Then it told me I was good to go and the passes had been dumped into my account at GoGo.


I then checked and had 12 passes good for 1 year to use in my account on NOT JUST DELTA but also on AA and AS and VX. Sweet. (but may be good on any GoGo equipped airline per the wording above)

Then I checked my wife’s Flex Perks card as well. Guess what, she was also eligible and I followed the same steps and dumped them to MY account and I now have 24 one time use GoGo passes in my account! SCORE!


Now I did, because I am a blogger try my wife’s add-on card to my FlexPerks account and was told NO!


I also tested other Visa Signature cards as well and was REALLY told no so this does only seem to work with Flex Perks, primary user, Visa Signature cards (i.e. no AMEX FlexPerks cards), but I think it should work with all of them but will wait to hear your comments.

USbank ✈ FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® <—LINK

Either way this is a HUGE perk. 12 GoGo passes are worth at least $96 for mobile use and $192 for PC use. This one perk has completely wiped out the cost for the annual fee for this card in value! – Rene

PS – T&C about promo is below:



The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN


  1. Hi Rene
    I am SO loving my non affiliated Amex platinum card ! It has amaZING perquisites
    Including : a $200.00 credit towards a non ticket purchase on your airline of choice
    If I go to a sky l club and my fiancé is with me I’m charged $29.00 but Amex credits me back that fee from the $200.00 credit ! Looking forward to DFW centurion dec 12
    Thanks for your blog

  2. Very good tip! I wonder if the signup has an expiration date? I couldn’t find anything in the T&C that indicates it does but I want to wait until I have a trip before I pull the trigger so the 12 months last as long as possible.

  3. @Wes – No idea how long the offer will last but yes I thought about that too. I decided I can burn that many on my booked trips before they go away so I jumped on the deal just in case of – POOF! 😉

  4. These worked on my personal Flex Parks card, but unfortunately not on my Business Card. Do you know if these passes are good for international? Are they an all day pass, or just individual flight passes?

  5. @Erik – Yes ONLY personal cards are working. Not sure but please advise if you can use them INT flights. My guess is only domestic but could be wrong.

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