How to order your own “real”-ish Delta SkyMiles replacement cards.

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where to find you skymiles card

We all should know at this point that Delta no longer sends out replacement SkyMiles cards. It costs too much money. Also, this is not news to you Silver Medallions, you don’t even get an annual Medallion kit at all anymore. But Delta tells us we can print one or use the Fly Delta App so no big deal. Until it is.

luggage pros on ebates

We also know that when out and about throughout the world there can be times that having a card, that is not make out of paper and packing tape, can be nice. Again NORMALLY not needed but there can be those few times. So why not make your own from the digital photo that Delta provides for a small cost (if this matters to you that is). Here is how you do it and how much it will cost you.

1) Get a NEW EBATES account where you get $10 off $25 spend
2) Search for “Luggage Pros”
3) Once on their site search for “MyFlyTag”
4) Spend at least $25 on stuff on their site.

front of delta skymiles card

back of custom delta skymiles card

So as you can see from the above example, if I want to order 3 tags, it would cost basically $28 and if I were new to Ebates I would get $10 back plus 4% cash back on the order as well. Plus, you can even have the bar code on the back of your card and that is always nice to have (you can even use it to board a Delta jet once you are checked in).

Now again, I am not telling you that you must do this. You may want to make some of your own silly type fake medallion tags using graphics like these:  Carbon Fiber Medallion or  Kryptonium Medallion or  Unobtainum Medallion 😉

Anyway, just some ideas for replacement cards should you want one then here is how to get it done with more than paper from your printer and some packing tape! – René


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. i just tried your link to join, and it only gave me an option of $5 off to spend on

  2. I submitted an order from them and got an email from Luggage Pros!

    Thank you for your order with Luggage Pros! Unfortunately the image you submitted contains copyright material and we are not able to print your design. In order to proceed with your order, we will need you to submit a new design on our website. It’s actually quite simple to do:

    Create the design on our website at
    Change the quantity to 0 by clicking the quantity drop-down menu, selecting “More” and then typing in 0.
    Click Add to Cart and it will send the image to us.
    No need to go through the checkout process.
    Email me a brief description of the new image and what time you submitted it.

  3. @Steve – You have got to be kidding me. Ugg.. sigh.. I have ordered them in the past. I would try again in a few days!

  4. I also purchased some of these custom Skymiles tags, and received the copyright rejection notice too.

    I’ve asked for details regarding what specifically can be done to get these liberated. Seems it shouldn’t be a problem since Delta no longer sends them out.

    Has anyone received the rejection letter then been able to successfully complete their order?

    Delta should “sell” these directly.

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