Delta C+ auto-upgrade tech sends Diamond Medallions to CENTER SEAT! #KeepDescending

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award booking test 1

I can see these new disgusting, ultra Keep Descending worthy,  C+ changes from Delta that have rolled out today are going to take a long series of posts and I will update the list as we go:

One of the biggest impacts is the ability of elites, even TOP elites, to choose C+ seats for those traveling with them. Apparently Delta is not a fan of families. Let me re-phrase that, Delta is a fan of CHARGING families much more than just a couple as you will be paying for C+ for more than just a +1. But wait, there is more!

award booking test 2

As a Diamond or Platinum you can still instantly get auto-upgraded for free to C+ since it is no longer free during booking as you can see. Elites can still choose exit row (thankfully) at least. Then, once your booking is complete:

award booking test 3

You can then go into your reservation and take a look at “Request Upgrade”:

award booking test 4

You then have the choice to, if you want, select a 1st class upgrade (Yes, you MUST choose it now, no longer automatic) as well as if you do want a C+ upgrade.

award booking test 5

Then it will be auto-processed. Now please understand I have an aisle seat selected in my “MY DELTA” profile but Delta computers auto upgraded me, with most of the seats in C+ empty on this flight, to a middle seat! Joy! I could afterward move for free to another seat that was open.

i want an aisle seat in my delta profile

This is just one of the many new “enhancements” we now have from our beloved Delta. If there are ONLY center C+ seats open, and you do not want to risk being put in one, be sure you leave the box unchecked in your flight preferences! – René


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. There also has to be inventory similar to RU available to upgrade into Comfort Plus.

    I tried a dummy booking to make sure I could still do it on JFK/LAX. I had to go through the same step of selecting a C+ upgrade but it didn’t auto upgrade me. I was going to cancel the reservation anyway since I just wanted to see if C+ was still available and was told by the Diamond Desk rep that there was no upgrade inventory available and I would be automatically upgraded to C+ when and IF inventory opened up.

    So not only is Delta screwing diamonds out of being upgraded into Delta one on JFK/LAX there is now a good possibility we won’t even get C+ without paying.

    I’m going to call American Monday to see if they are still doing status matches from Delta Diamond to AA EP. I will still have a shot at Business Class on my JFK/LAX trips and if not I will get Economy Comfort for free at booking and if I decide I want an exit row I will get a free sandwich and comped drinks on that route along with six SWU’s instead of the four Delta gives and I only have to fly 100K EQM’s instead of 125 like on Delta.

    It’s really lousy of Delta to announce this change so late in the year after it’s too late to fly enough for status on American for 2016

  2. This straw breaks this camels back. I could rationalize it before, being able to travel with friends and convince everyone to book on Delta since I could at least get us all comfort plus.

    Nope, not anymore. I have 40k bis miles booked on OW from new years on (all paid biz). I’ll just burn my skymiles next year, not worth giving my money to them.

    When this economy turns on them, this will be comical how hard they push Washington for handouts.

  3. Agree with you, Paul, on the economy piece. I can’t believe after decades of nil profits, they can’t have the foresight to see conditions will get tough again, and they’ll have to play nice again?

    I guess proof in how smart they think they are is in the oil future speculation pudding…having come to billion dollar losses from an inability to read the future, you think they wouldn’t be so confident in dismantling their loyalty marketing vehicle.

  4. Any word on whether C+ upgrade certificates will be a thing? Besides the one earlier mention, I’ve seen no evidence on, and haven’t seen any other mentions on FlyerTalk.

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