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Delta 1K bump vouchers, SPG Sheraton Dallas rocks, SlowGo & coach space, DFW Sky Club beer and the funny things folks say up in the air!

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renespoints in crj200 exit row gets two seats
I win! Two exit row seats on a CRJ200

The first three days of this past week I spent on my last mileage run of the year. I was joined by five other Diamonds who also wanted to have a “fun run” and add to their MQM balance. I thought I would share some of the interesting tid-bits I picked up along the way. Now if you want a blow by blow of the run, just pop over to John from LaptopTravel’s blog for his view on the run (btw, John has now joined the blog to help us find sweet Elite Mileage Runs and maybe pop up a guest post now and then).

current 1k max for delta bump vouchers but rules change all the time renespoints blog

First some data points. One of my flights was very oversold (love that) and I can confirm what has been reported on twitter that right now, with Delta, $1000 is the MAX bump voucher they can give out (it was previously $1300). However, know they are moving the max payout up and down all the time it seems so just because I can confirm this today does not mean it will hold later on. Also, it does take a redcoat to go to the max bump amount. Lastly, as you can see, they are offering food vouchers when you are delayed a long time. However, the days of being able to use them for anything but food is over. No more XpresSpa etc. use for bump food vouchers. Bummer.

just no room in coach Delta MD90 renespoints blog

I spent some time in coach on this trip. As much as I gripe about the ridiculous changes to C+ (focus groups are testing / commenting on the new GIDS display options btw), the leg room you get in a standard Delta coach seat is just appallingly little. I am only 5-10″ and you can see my space. Ugg. At least I had a HOOU coupon and got just amazing service from the outstanding Delta mainline FAs. Delta people are just the best I have to say and I see that day after day when I fly Delta. Delta had better keep making sure Delta people are happy because they make me happy when I fly!

horrid slow gogo service from atl to dfw - nothing new renespoints blog

Gosh I hate / love SlowGo or Gogo inflight wifi. I do have a bunch of free vouchers from my US BANK FlexPerks cards to burn up and I am so happy I am not paying for service this bad. I know Gogo is now in the final tests (and PR push) to show off their FAST satellite wifi but let me tell you it cannot come fast enough for me. Using Gogo for anything other than email (w/out attachment) or twitter has become all but an exercise in futility.

nice card and more from SPG Shearton Gallaria Dallas Texas RenesPoints blog

I love the Sheraton Galleria in Dallas. They are so over the top SPGlife customer service oriented that it makes me really WANT to go there each time I visit DFW. This was my 25th SPG stay of the year and the hotel had either personally (or auto mail more than likely) reached out to let them know if I needed anything for this trip. I mentioned it would be my Platinum re-qualifying visit for the year and just look at what was waiting for me in my Jr. Suite upgrade.

hyatt match
Hyatt matched my SPG Platinum to Diamond

Gosh I will miss SPG next year when I change over to Hyatt. And that is the point. This hotel is not anywhere near the airport (about a 20 minute  UBER  ride away). But, I would rather stay here and spend the money to UBER back and forth as I so like the SPG hotel and the service. They get my business because of this. I have never ever said that about any Marriott hotel I have ever stayed at. Marriott says they will not destroy SPG over the next two years as the merger happens. You know, it seems Delta said that about NWA and look at SkyMiles today. American said that about AAdvantage with the US Air merger and look at what they did just this week to the rewards program. Yeah, Marriott, I will say it clearly – I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. I am over to Hyatt for 2016 and will spend my 30+ days a year I stay in hotels with them.

four free beer choices DFW Skyclub renespoints blog
Only 1 #SkunkyGate beer on tap 🙂

I have news about the DFW Delta Sky Club. Right now Delta has been out at the “satellite” E gates in DFW and use the club that was a club used by others in the past. I like the club but it is small and can get HOT in the summertime. The old club was going to get a small refurb job but due to many issues has basically been just sitting more months and months now. That is changing as approval for a total redo has been green lighted. It will be all new and have a bright open feel. The only downside is there will be no showers so you will have to go to the Centurion DFW if you want that (where I will go either way honestly). Expect it to open May/June of 2016 if the schedule holds. Oh, for now, there are four, yes 4, complimentary beers on tap at the DFW Sky Club so go enjoy those and the outstanding great service from some of the best Delta Sky Club reps in the entire Delta system! 😉

me and john in coach - well he was in coach i came to say hi -)
John – LaptopTravel & René

During this trip, FAs said a few things that just made me giggle out loud. Here is the first one and see what you think. It was during a time of rather intense turbulence:

“The captain has informed us the seat belt light will stay on due to the strong turbulence. Because of this we will not be able to offer service in the coach section of the aircraft. You may see the flight attendants up moving about in the 1st class section but the ride is much smoother up here.”


“You may notice that power ports in your seat are not working. This is because the seat belt light is on. Once we get through this turbulence and the seat belt light goes off the power ports will be working”

Uh, really (to both of these). Oh, and the power did not come on when the light went off just in case you were wondering!

NEW Security exit at South Bend Indiana SBN Airport RenesPoints blog

Lastly a BIG change that only those who use SBN or South Bend INTERNATIONAL airport will care about. Before, when you went to exit security, there was an evil, horrid, stupid and maddening spinning door with a never ending recording that said: “STOP please enter two at a time. Touching the door will cause it to slow or stop“. And let me tell you even if you were the ONLY one in this thing it would often slow down or stop. You get two CRJ200s or another flight landing at the same time and you are waiting a LONG time to exit the airport. That is a thing of the past. The new setup is simple, elegant and works and can hold a planeload of folks and you now zip out. Thank you SBN, thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I also have some amazing blow by blow info about using Regional Upgrade certificates but will save that for another post. So many times, when we look at the upgrade list we wonder if all is going as it should – let me tell you what I found was eye opening and amazing. – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. LOL I’m pretty sure the FA said the ride is much BETTER up here but I couldn’t hear here so well wayyyyyyyyyyy back in 4B.


    • @JEFF – (please don’t yell)! I will have the post up before 37 days have passed. 😉

  3. Nice looking Hawaiian shirt there, Rene, you look ready to PARTY!!!

  4. Fifteen years ago I was on a family vacation to Alaska. We had four first class seats for the return on NW. The agent offered us $1,000 each for the seats. I turned it down. There would have been no way to get home in time to get my son to camp. Ancient history, but I heard that it is therapeutic to share your pain.

  5. Rene–You might have written about this before but can you share your strategy for getting bump vouchers? The past few times I’ve been offered a voucher at the check in kiosk it’s been set up as an auction. Do you usually bid the max value shown? Not bid anything and talk to the gate agent? Any suggestions?

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