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Hyatt Diamond twitter match is brilliant business move. Timing is just perfect!

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my diamond upgrade at hyatt

Last week I blogged about the brilliant and amazing twitter status match Hyatt is offering for elites of other chains but I would have to think they are really targeting Starwood Preferred Guest or SPG elites like myself.

The move is absolutely a perfect business move. Here is why. I have spent all year re-qualifying for my SPG Platinum status and completed my 25th SPG stay just one week ago today. However, with the news that Marriott is buying SPG, all the work I fear is for nothing.

I have absolutely no illusions that Marriott will do anything but utterly decimate the SPG program. They can talk all they want that the best parts will remain, but I am ready to move on rather than wait for what is surely to come.

Now I am equally sure a bunch of folks who have spent all year re-qualifying for Hyatt status are upset over the fact that I can waltz in and simply, with a tweet, earn the same status they worked all year to earn or re-earn. I understand you but here is the deal:

Without the match I would not be spending my next 25+ nights in 2016 with Hyatt.

So I have, in a way, earned my status just like you, that is, I did stay 25+ nights in hotel rooms (just not with Hyatt for 2015). And, now my loyalty dollars will be going to your chain, not SPG.

suite upgrade awards

And that is why this is such a great move for the Hyatt chain. They are banking on people just like me. Those who do pay and do stay many nights with another chains, but are ready for a change. This match has got me ready to give the program a try. Heck, they even gave me 4 free suite night upgrades to use by the end of February 2016 and I will likely get 4 more next year too! I need to get booking some rooms and spend some money on Hyatt! Again, smart business move Hyatt.

hyatt diamond status vs spg platinum status

This program is completely new to me. I cannot wait to learn all about it but have a ton of readers and fellow bloggers who can guide me along the way. I will miss the bonus SPG points from stays and UBER and I need to, next round of cards, now pickup a Chase Hyatt Visa World of Hyatt credit card clearly for paying for my stays and working on spending $40,000 on the card next year to help me keep my Diamond status for 2017. So Hyatt’s match will also be very good for their banking partner, Chase as well.

Now, yes, there are some perhaps unintended downsides for current Hyatt members most notably the Platinum level guests as a vast majority of the matches seem to be coming in as Platinum matches, that is, those who were SPG Gold members (often just from holding a non-Delta AMEX Platinum card) with few stays each year. Then again, anyone can get free Hyatt Platinum status just for getting the Chase Hyatt card so really this is not the status level that members need to be afraid of growing to larger levels.

gotta learn how to use the hyatt app i just installed on my samsung androind phone renes points blog

As to the Diamond matches, yes having so many new ones sure could have an impact on suite availability but to me for the program to have a chance to add so many elites who do spend and will keep qualifying as Diamonds are worth it at least from Hyatt’s standpoint if not from members’ side. If you are upset, yell at Marriott not Hyatt I think (it’s their fault so many are jumping ship from SPG after all).

Bottom line is I am excited and busily looking at Hyatt hotels for my next few months trips. Again something I never would have dreamed I would be doing a week ago. Well done Hyatt! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I think the overall sentiment amongst Hyatt Diamonds is that they are upset because mid-tier statuses were given hyatt diamond status for nothing. do not think that matching spg plats to hyatt diamond was an issue.

  2. Congrats on the status match to Diamond as I managed the same a few days ago. I fully agree with you that this was a smart move on Hyatt’s part as there is much angst in the SPG Platinum community over what will happen to the program we loved when Marriott takes over.

  3. It was not a good move since they planned it so poorly. Mid-tier elites were given diamond when the promotion went live and then 12 hours later they started giving mid-tiers platinum. I was told I would get Diamond via DM on twitter then given platinum a day later. I don’t feel like I deserve Diamond status but that isn’t how you manage expectations. How long would it have taken Hyatt to email you, Ben or Gary, and ask how this promo would go. Them being overwhelmed was the 100% foreseeable outcome and they somehow didn’t foresee it happening.

    • @Dan – I agree it could have been done better. Yes if Hyatt PR had reached out to those of us at BoardingArea, like me, Ben and Gary and other like Summer or MJ it could have been even bigger and they could have been ready for it. Yes I did see a few reports of Diamond for lower status but I think that ended very quickly after word got out.

  4. Did it Thursday night within an hour or 2 of the program being posted, never heard a peep. Would have been nice to try Hyatt.

    • @Seb – One twitter follower was told they are backlogged by two weeks now! So, hang tight!

  5. that is my same feeling–I’m an SPG gold and I was going to work very hard to get platinum next year. However, with not knowing what will become of the program I see absolutely no reason to stay in an spg hotel next year (unless the price is right or it’s the only option).

  6. Well the early bird gets the worm and I missed this one. Saw it hit on Twitter when I was flying back from SFO and decided to wait. Finally got a DM on Twitter last night with an offer of Platinum as a match from SPG but I am already Platinum via the Chase Hyatt card. I’m pretty committed to hit Diamond with Hyatt this coming year so I guess I will do it the old fashioned way.

    No hate for those who jumped on this offer. Some Diamonds might be upset but hey this in no doubt a solid way for Hyatt to entice people from other brands (hint hint Marriott and SPG) and earn some new customers. Congrats to those who got it!

  7. Hi Rene- In your article you mentioned spending $40,000 on the Chase Hyatt Visa to maintain Diamond status. Is that accurate? Thank you and I too just received a match to Hyatt Diamond since I am Hilton Diamond and Marriott Platinum.

    Thank you!

    • @Sam – You missed KEY word “help” as it will give me 5 stay credits. Plus all the points from spend. Plus the new card bonys 🙂

  8. I’m still waiting on a response to my Twitter DM from Friday afternoon…I was Hyatt Diamond in 2014, just Platinum in 2015, but travel patterns changing again so I’d love to get that Diamond status back!

  9. I agree – this was a genius move on Hyatt’s part. I’m an SPG Platinum member and was fully intending on going for Platinum again next year. However, in light of the recent merger news AND the Hyatt Diamond match offer, I’m shifting 100% of my business to Hyatt in 2016.

  10. @Dan – I think it’s a mark of how unorganized and/or chaotic the whole thing was that I had the exact opposite experience of you. In my desperation as a mid-tier elite I both tweeted and emailed them Thursday night. Nothing until Friday noon, when I get a tweet that only offered Platinum, which I ignored and gave up on the whole thing… and then Saturday evening a response to the email confirming Diamond status.

  11. I just received an email stating I’ve been match to Hyatt Diamond (from Marriott Platinum)! Opposite of the SPG members who are afraid for their program, I’m afraid the Marriott will start charging 120k-140k points per night like SPG charges for properties like the St Regis Bora Bora. No thank you. I’ll gladly move to Hyatt!

  12. Um, no. People like me that actually earned Diamond status the hard way are the ones Hyatt should be rewarding, not other program elites, especially mid-tier ones. If you wanted Diamond status that bad you should have done a challenge when it was offered and then re-qualified like the rest of us. This was handled so poorly.

  13. Hyatt has 630+ properties worldwide vs Marriott/SPG’s 5,200+. Marriott is clearly the better choice if you are trying to consolidate your hotel spend on one brand. Taiwan is the only country I have ever traveled too without a Marriott facility. There has to be thousands of locations where Hyatt isn’t. What good is status if there isn’t any hotels to stay in?

  14. I was offered Hyatt Plat, since I have top tier status with a few chains I don’t need to waste my time with that. I would have given it a fair shot at re-qualifying if they offered Diamond as it seems many received.

  15. 170+ Nights at Marriott by year-end, plus a LIFETIME Plat Elite. All Hyatt offered was Plat. Meh!

  16. I think they are more than two weeks behind. I tweeted and e-mailed on Friday. I sent a screenshot of my gold status with SPG that also showed my stay activity this year. Also provided my HGP number.
    Over the weekend I got a response on my DM that they were offering me platinum status and I should e-mail screenshots of my SPG status, a proof of at least one stay with SPG, and a screenshot of my HGP membership number. Okay, number stated in text is not good enough 😉
    I then sent an e-mail with all screenshots on Sunday. Today I received an answer that they are looking into it and will get back to me within the next 14 business days.
    Now I am curious if I will receive any status with Hyatt at all.
    If not that would be a bummer, but that’s just speculation.
    I had hoped it would be processed faster, but I understand that they got flooded with requests. Much to their surprise 😉

  17. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    Hilton Diamond for 2 consecutive years and Marriott Platinum for the same and Hyatt offered me Platinum even though I pointed out to them that I already have a 9-night stay at one of their upper-level hotels planned for next week. I was insulted. I sent them a Twitter DM but also an email. I only have received a response to the DM thus far. I have my fingers crossed that the email will honor the original offer of Diamond. If it does, I will be happy to move some of my lodging needs to Hyatt next year.

  18. I DM’d them on Twitter to get the scoop. I’m Hilton Diamond so they are just offering me Hyatt Platinum. Apparently the really sweet deal is targeted at Marriott and SPG. Oh well.

  19. If you email Hyatt with the supporting documentation, they will review and get back to you in 2 weeks. I think this will have to be one where you press them if you want the status.

  20. Woohoo, I have an update to my previous comment. Like I tweeted you, Rene, I have just received notification that I am now a Diamond member, too. I really thought I would get Platinum at best.

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