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Delta Air Lines to offer sleep wear from Los Angeles to Shanghai and Sydney. New “Sleep Suits” for Delta ONE passengers.

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Virgin Atlantic sleep suit Renes Points blog from Delta code share flight
Virgin Atlantic Sleep Suit

Starting on December 15th, 2015 those who are seated in Delta business class or Delta ONE from Los Angeles to Shanghai and Sydney will be provided sleep wear to enjoy on the flight and to keep after the flight.

I have been told there will be ample supply for all sizes of passengers and will be handed out to each Delta ONE passenger as they settle into their seats.

After the initial test period in December, additional routes will also be added and enjoy these new Delta “Sleep Suits” as well.

I find this fascinating as this is another step to match what Delta partner Virgin Atlantic already offers (see photo above in post) for those flying to England on overnight flights.

I reached out to Delta for a comment about this new sleep wear as well as requesting a photo of what they will look like but was only told that “We expect to have more to share in the coming weeks.”

Delta is doing all it can to “brand” it’s Delta ONE product as something above business class. This is just one more step in that direction. What do you think about this “enhancement” to Delta ONE service? – René


  1. FNT Delta Diamond

    I’m sure this will be like the elusive slippers, which Delta only caters in business-class on flights to and from Asia. Those slippers should be provided in all international business-class flights. As for Virgin Atlantic, I flew them twice in business-class (ATL-MAN; MAN-ATL) this summer and didn’t receive pajamas on either flight.

  2. Is delta going to provide larger bathrooms to change clothes in? Even the handicap accessible one will be a challenge for changing. I wonder how many actually use PJs when they are available. My only first class flight (CX) that had them, I was the only one of six who changed. The women seemed to have no interest in them.

  3. Took the Sydney flight last summer. Would not have wanted to change in those bathrooms. Also, seems like way too many passengers in the business section for many people to have time to change.

  4. FNT Delta Diamond

    Good points, @john and @Kate. What makes it worse is the flight attendants seldom prevent economy-class passengers from using the business-class lavatories. I wish the FAA would mandate a higher ratio of lavatories per passenger and per cabin class. I suspect that’s the only way we would get more lavatories. Plus, most of the time the lavatories are only clean enough to fully change — specifically the floors — at the beginning of the flight. After a little bit, the floors become gross because of all the urine from guys who pissed the toilet. I’m always amazed how many passengers walk into the lavatories in bare feet or just socks. Ick. Ick. Ick.

    I always change into gym shorts and a lightweight running top or track pants and a lightweight running top at the Sky Club before departure. It’s very comfy for sleeping. I then hand my plastic garment bag with trousers, shirt and sport jacket to the flight attendant for hanging. Most business-class passengers, however, seem to sleep in normal clothes. I don’t know how anyone could sleep six, eight or ten hours — let alone spend 14 hours on the ATL/JFK to NRT flight — in jeans, a sweater or whatever else.

  5. FNT Delta Diamond

    I’d be happy if they kept the current number of lavatories, but came up with better cleaning requirements and installed a single small changing room. No toilet. Just changing.

    I also really hope nobody is actually sitting down on the toilet seat.

  6. Santastico

    Unless I can change in my seat I would never wear those on a Delta flight. Their bathrooms are filthy and I would prefer they gave out slippers instead of PJs so I don’t need to put my shoes back every time I need to go to the bathroom.

  7. Virgin Australia gave us fresh new packaged pajamas when we flew them on Skymiles in business class, and they had a dedicated lavatory for females with enough room to change. Very clean. Can’t remember if we had slippers.

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  9. glbetrkkr

    Does anyone else think DL’s biz class seats are looking dated? I recently flew J class on MU and was wow’d w/ their product…they have those Zodiac seats…comfortable, private and clean. I’ve flown DL ONE before and whilst comfortable, it’s definitely showing its age.

  10. Maybe another way for Delta to spend the money they saved by cancelling their pilots pension during their 2006 bankruptcy. Just my opinion.

  11. Nightliner

    I honestly think it is a nice touch (although I generally find slippers to be more useful). I agree on the bathrooms, but usually was somehow able to stand on my shoes to avoid the icky floor – also, I always carry desinfectant wipes and find the baby changing table to be useful for putting clothes onto.
    It is a bit of an acrobatic ordeal to change in an aircraft lav, especially since they seem to shrink with every “innovative new cabin interior”, but its doable. And I am what most would consider a “passenger of size”.
    “Ample supply for all sizes” – lets see what that means 🙂

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