Delta TECH issues & new navigation tab. Plus, if you PWM you better check you MQMs NOW!

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helpful new navigation tab

It seems the Delta tech folks have been playing on this week. Most of us are not all that impressed with Delta IT that works let alone all the stuff Delta hides from us like the award charts that Delta still uses to this day but wants us not to know about it.

But this new tab (see shot above) is a nice new quick navigation tool when you are not on the main home page. Something similar to this was talked about in focus groups a while back and I am very pleased with it so far. A quick way to get to what is important to me when I travel and what to check on things like my upcoming trips with less clicks! #KeepClimbing.

delta tech issues

more broken

Templates? Humm…

The next one, well, I don’t think there are 37 advisories pending on the Delta advisories home page. Nor do I think we should be seeing templates here but I am sure they will fix it soon.

mqmBut what is a HUGE concern is what has happened to more than one Delta flyer on FlyerTalk this week and if it has happened to you, you need to be ON THIS NOW as I hope it is just a bug and not a change. I have tested Pay With Miles in coach and in 1st this year and got full MQM credit as I should have. But, if it is a new unannounced Delta change, it is a really really REALLY bad one and goes against what is posted on

broken skymiles link on delta-com

Heck even the link to SkyMiles on the home page goes to a broken link right now (yeah, we know SkyMiles is broken but still).

Speaking of investors day next Thursday I expect the rumor I talked about back in October, that is, that Delta will launch a real Premium Economy seat, will be announced on the 17th. This may have not been as great as I hoped as some have speculated that Delta Global Upgrade Certs will only allow you to upgrade from Coach to PE. Or, if you want Delta ONE with the certs, you will have to first buy PE to upgrade. We will see, but always know our dearest Delta always gives with one hand and takes with the other. – René


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  1. By all means check carefully. Surprise, surprise. When I looked this morning I had a flight to Phoenix completely removed from my record. I had flown with a friend on a Delta Platinum AMEX companion ticket (she was the companion, I was the paid ticket) and not only the MQM and miles were erased but the entire entry had disappeared from the screen. Talked to Delta agent who then talked with SkyMiles desk. Have been told that my record should be fixed within 24-48 hours.
    Additional note. The last 6 months I have been keeping more detailed records of all flights taken, MQMs, miles, dollars spent, whether or not PWM just in case something like this happens. My two flights involving PWM have not (yet) been touched.

  2. I am on a PWM MR right now, and the first portion seems to have posted as expected. Fingers crossed for the return.

  3. Rene any idea how long it will take for me to get the notice about the 10K MQM from the Delta Reserve card I believe I just hit $61K spend for the year.

  4. The “bug” has hit me also, I have lost 7,500 MQM’s from my account and no idea where they went in addition to 10,000 Skymiles……wonderful Delta IT! Trying to go back through all my flights but can’t make it all add up!

  5. If the GUC will only allow for the upgrade to be from regular economy to Premium Economy this would indeed stink. I mean, don’t DM’s get to choose Premium Economy at the time of booking? The GUC would be almost worthless.

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