The official Delta blog TakingOff has been parked in the “boneyard”. Did you ever read it?

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it seems delta has given up on blogging no more taking off posts for months now

Did you ever read TakingOff?

It has been over two months now (well as of tomorrow) since the official Delta Air Lines blog called  “TakingOff”   (we all know RenéPoints is the default “unofficial” blog about the airline) has had a post or created new content, but I bet you never even noticed anyway. Why? Well take a look at the post count for the past year.

  • Jan. 4
  • Feb. 3
  • March 6
  • April 4
  • May 3
  • June 2
  • July 2
  • Aug. 1
  • Sept. 1
  • Oct. 1
  • Nov. 0
  • Dec. 0 (so far)

Yep a total of 27 posts for the entire year of 2015. Any real blogger worth their salt will tell you it takes posts each day (at least) and then fresh and consistent useful information to keep readers coming back.

The Delta TakingOff blog never really had any of this. The platform Delta runs the blog on is truly awful and miserable. Most times, when I try to pull it up, it locks up my browser. And then if I can get it to pull up, it is most times a cut-N-paste effort from the Delta Facebook page. What is the point of that?

lots of old jets

Ever visit a real jet “boneyard”?

I really think this is sad. I liked the idea of a real Delta blog with great useful information and even company interaction with readers. That just did not happen. This Delta blog could have been such a useful tool for frequent flyers and a way to really engage those loyal to Delta. A way to help them navigate and just perhaps understand the insanity of the SkyMiles and the other harsh changes Delta has made in the past and will likely make in the weeks ahead.

In a way, the Delta NEWS HUB that was in the past a very useful tool for those of us in the press has now morphed into some kind of new blog / Facebook page as so much of what is published on that site is no longer news but just a company spin and op-eds that belong on a blog.

I guess, what do you think. Did you like the Delta official blog TakingOff? Did you ever visit it before it was “parked in the bone yard” if you will? Did you ever find it useful? Let me, and Delta, know in the comments below! – René


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  1. @Dennis – LOL. Don’t think they will let me post #KeepDescending on their blog. Or the rest of the truth about the program. And MGT. And so on… and keep giving me a paycheck each week.

  2. I knew about it. I read it. I thought it was a weak PR outlet. I stopped reading it. That’s my Ernest Hemingway view. (Though, I could have edited sentence #3 down to “I thought it was weak.”)

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