Delta NEWS day! China Eastern joins Delta “Group 1” & 15 minutes of free Gogo due to Delta tech issues.

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delta news

Time to catch up on all the latest news you may want to be aware of in Delta land. First off a simple way to game some free Gogo sessions due to ongoing tech issues with & Gogo. We all should know that and the Fly Delta App should be both FREE and FAST to use on all Delta flights with Gogo. Well according to Flyertalk it is not working so goodly right now. The result is Gogo is handing out 15 minute free use codes up in the air so you can get online. Considering how slow Gogo is I bet you will need more than one (just say’in)!

mu was group 3 delta

MU was in Delta group 3

mu now group 1 delta

MU now in Delta Group 1 earnings

Some good news for those of us who like points. China Eastern has been promoted from Group 3 earning by Delta a.k.a. one step up from the trash bin to Group 1 a.k.a. the golden child group according to Delta. Just be sure you take note on the really cheap fare class still. Now if we could only move a few more up that list like Korean Air!

delta pilot in jet

Tomorrow, it seems, Delta and the pilots will be meeting to see if they can hammer out an agreement for early 2016. Gosh it would be nice if they offered them a decent deal. Because if they don’t, I think they may just run into some REAL resistance from the group this time. Just my guess but a good one I think.

dal stock price 21dec15

Could DAL stock go to almost $70 a share? Deutsche thinks so. If oil stays low, they get a pilot contract and Delta FAs don’t start talking union again it could happen. Then again if it goes the other way then DAL could be at $30 again. (disclaimer, I hold no DAL stock nor do I plan to buy any).

john laptop travel cuba run

It looks like we could be able to very soon fly Delta to Cuba.  Master at mileage runs, John @LaptopTravel who contributes here on the blog has an idea on how to get to Cuba from USA. Humm….

skyteam bomb threat hoax airfrance

Oh it looks like the Skyteam AirFrance jet bomb threat was a fake according to CNN. It looked very real but was made out of cardboard.


Well it is that time to see where we all end up with our MQM totals for the year. I personally will land around 280,000 so will roll over (by the end of January 2016) about 155,000 so I will be Diamond until 1FEB18 on or around the 15th when I have spent $30,000 on my Delta AMEX Reserve card. How will you end the year? Comment below! – René


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  1. I flew 149,000 give or take a couple of miles so will roll over about 25,000 in 2016. Made Diamond but all of your comments the last month make us wonder if chasing that goal should be a thing of the past.

  2. I’ll barely make Gold with my mileage run next week. Figured it will probably be the only time I ever make Gold as I don’t travel as much as the rest of you do, and won’t be worth trying to keep in the future…

  3. 271K, MQM’s this year. You beat me! I have already used my 2016 GUC’s for our Europe travel in March, but you and I are all set for 2017, I HOPE!

  4. Rene, I’m at 98878 miles and expect a 15,000 bonus any day now with Amex spending already met. I am eligible for one last Amex bonus. Any creative ideas on how to get last Amex spending bonus without just spending on something I dont need? It would be great to end up Diamond for the year!

  5. Given the nature of Delta’s changes and their new “revenue management” looks like AMEX will get one less Reserve card holder.
    I know that one person makes no difference but if Delta wants to throw AMEX cardholder benefits under the bus they should at least be honest about it.
    All that spend for 60,000 MQM’s doesn’t look to yield much going forward.

  6. Asking a fliers how many MQM they end up with is like asking a rancher how many acres he owns.

  7. Thanks to a bunch of rollover miles, I will end up with 516,800 mqms on 19 mqss this year. Almost all of my flying on DL this year has been via skyrubles.

  8. I am convinced that free access to has ceased to exist. And I believe it is by design.

  9. So flying on China Eastern from China to US will earn at least 50% of distance flown, PLUS the Medallion mileage bonus, meaning that even Silver Medallions will earn MORE miles flying China Eastern between the US and Asia than if they flew Delta on similar routes. Am I reading this correctly?

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