New York to Phoenix $291 & 4306MQMS at 6.8CPM 2015 ONE-DAY Delta Elite Mileage Run

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one day delta-com nyc to phx rt

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Sure 7CPM is a great price for 1st class but not for coach but we are talking year end and just about any price is better than buying MQMs at Delta’s insane prices so here is a one day out and back if you need it from the NYC area.

The lower price one is the 2x connect on the way back but you do have to redeye. I would take the one day out and back for the higher CPM (unless you need the extra MQMs that is).

Here are the numbers for the one day:

Cost: $291

4,306 MQMs at 6.8 CPM

Bookable on

If you are thinking of getting a Delta Reserve card for the MQMs you are just about out of time. If you do apply and want to try it then after you do click and are approved call AMEX and ask for OVERNIGHT shipping of the card and charge something local right away. A charge MUST post before year end for you to get the points and you are just about out of time to get that done at this point! – René


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  1. I just spoke with an AMEX rep and she told me that if I wanted to rush a card I should apply over the phone, rather than online. She indicated a phone application made today could get a card by Monday or Tuesday. Is there a downside to applying over the phone, rather than on-line?

    You have much more knowledge of these things but I figured it was worth passing on what she said.

  2. @MadMark43 – With phone app you risk not getting point offer. You are guaranteed if you click via link. Plus, via phone, you are not supporting the blog. They can just as EZ RUSH it after you are approved online.

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