Los Angeles to Lima Peru $288 & 12,598 MQMs at 2.3 CPM 2016 Delta Elite Mileage Run

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peru route

peru 1

peru 2

peru 3

With a HT to TFD for the find but then my friend John from Laptop Travel got to work and made it even BETTER! He sugests you stay a few days but either way 2.3 CPM is just a stupidly low price for this many MQMs.

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Keep in mind any of the flights that have Delta One seats, according to Delta.com, do NOT qualify for S. American medallion upgrades.

Here are the numbers:

Cost: $288

12,598 MQMs at 2.3 CPM

Bookable on Orbitz  via  ORBITZ <-link

There will be a spot for you to put in your Delta SkyMiles number along the way so don’t miss it! Boy if we can find more and more deals at these kinds of prices, 2016 will be a fun year of mileage runs!


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  1. Rene: Looking at the LAX-LIM MR…..can one land at 1110 pm and make a 1245 AM departure…if one is crazy enough to not even stay in Peru? ( I am look at dates in April and May…so arrival and departure times differ from your example).

  2. Yes.

    Make Sure You have a printed boarding pass with you. If you only have a carry-on you can do it… just pass through easy airside security in transit.

  3. Before i ask my real question, 2 things:

    1. This may be a duplicate. The error message igot was not clear on this point.

    2. On your form for comments,you ask for myame. Is that my real name or my screen name?

    Real Q..

    What is the difference between an “eliTe mileage run” and a “mileage run’. What makes a run elite?

  4. @Mark – All comments must be approved. You may comment with your nickname or real name just must have a valid email address (that does not show). All Delta runs are Elite runs for MQMs because they are distance + fare based where SkyMiles are only spend based and a horrid way to earn SkyMiles anyway!

  5. All Gone! I just checked via the link and Orbitz has it at $731 now. Nice run for those that got it!

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