Here is an award program I bet you did not know about – Simons Mall points!

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shot of the simon mall app for simon points

A friend of mine was bragging about how well he did MS’ing this past month (it was impressive btw) but what caught my eye was, not the amount he net earned in cash, but that there was talk about Simon Mall points. Er, what?

simon mall points (1)

For those of you who don’t know about this little gem, there are malls all over the place (not just those listed above) who are owned by SIMON PROPERTY GROUP and run under many names (you can search for one near you here). OK, interesting, but who cares? Well you should care because you can buy VDGCs that you can set a pin to load to BlueBird for just $3.95 fee each per $500 card. That will be very handy next year as you will see in tomorrow’s post.

But as mentioned, I have just learned they have a rewards program that can get you a shot at winning all sorts of prizes each month. The big current one is a BMW car plus $5,000 or $22,500 cash instead of the car lease for 3 years (hint: take the cash if you win). You can sign up HERE free to get the APP and earn points for purchases.

gold and platinum award levels simon mall points

FREE food? OK, I’m in 🙂

Now it does not take long to move up their award program elite status levels (I know right, everyone has these nowadays). After entering one receipt and doing a few media shares I shot up to GOLD and will be PLATINUM soon. I often visit Chicago for flights and shopping and fun and will be sure to enjoy some of the perks of my status when I am in the mall anyway buying “stuff” 🙂

simon mall points (1)

Plus, who knows, I may just win some nice other stuff along the way for a few clicks of an APP. Did you know about Simons Mall points, award and elite program? – René




  1. I was buying the cards at the one near me and received a call that I have been banned from buying any more since I was cashing them out and not using them as a credit card….. beware.

  2. New issue this week: chip cards are limited to $3k purchase per day as guest services does not have a chip reader. Going to be a LOT more trips.

  3. You can only submit receipts from a handful of participating locations. Unless you live near one of them, this program is a dud.

  4. Went to Hawaii last fall courtesy of this program. Program rules were also changed courtesy of my friend and I.

  5. @rene – sorry, I meant to address my last post to @D. Thanks for the information by the way. Do you happen to know if Simon Malls group plans to expand the program next year?

  6. Best SMGC perk is reserved parking at each mall. You can get a parking permit by being a platinum member.

  7. @Rene, it was the Flatirons mall and I was purchasing the $1000 gift cards through my business but they decided not to allow me to purchase those or any of the $500 cards from now on.

  8. @Charles – Ah the 1k cards. I have been told a few other reports similar. The 500s tend to not raise flags.

  9. @Rene, it started with the 1K cards but then they decided not to allow me to purchase any of the gift cards…. banned for life or until they forget who I am.

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