Washington (DCA) to Portland $222 (& v.v.) 5908MQMs at 3.8CPM weekend Delta Elite Mileage Run

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pdx to dca delta-com coach

Oh I love a run you can do all in one day (and even on a weekend day). There are many ways to works this between 3.8-4.1CPM with a big HT to reader William on Twitter for the tip.

To get max perks you want to look at one or more connections in NYC but the quicker route via ATL may be more convenient. Either way, as you can see, lots of open dates to play with and connections. Just tinker with what works best for you. Gotta love sub 4CPM runs in 2016 🙂

Here are the FROM PDX numbers:

Cost: $222

5,908 MQMs at 3.8 CPM (pick via JFK at least once)

Bookable on Delta.com

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  1. Great find Rene! I booked this for 1/29 through 2/1 for a snowboarding trip at Mt. Hood. I went through ATL on the way out and JFK on the way back, 5600 total MQMs.


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