At last! My IHG Priceless Surprises from IHG post card entrees have arrived! I won some nice points btw :-)

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I have to say this was well worth a hand cramp and I am thrilled my wife and I (yeah she helped a lot I have to admit) took part in this fun little game and that I Embraced my inner “Pudding Guy” with the IHG Mastercard promo.

ihg points from priceless surprises have posed renespoints blog

You may recall, we sent out my wife’s batch of 94 right away so they got to the processing location the day after the promotion started. We somewhat quickly got the links for my wife to play and she won over 50,000 points and $50 and all those prizes have posted.

my 94 entries for the ihg points giveaway renespoints blog

As a data point we sent out my box of 94 one week later and I just yesterday got the bulk of my emails for the contest and I stared to play.

Priceless Surprises, from IHG Rewards Club and MasterCard game renespoints blog (1)

Priceless Surprises, from IHG Rewards Club and MasterCard game renespoints blog (2)

These are screen shots from my phone as I got real excited when the flood of emails came in and wanted to play right away. They will look a little different on a desktop computer.

5k and 2k and 1k and 500 points ihg wins renespoints blog

But the results have been much better, points wise, for me than my wife so far. I clicked on about 20 of my links and initially won a number of 5k, 2k & 1k prizes before settling down and only getting 500 point ones (the minimum amount you can win per postcard). I will spread the rest out over the next few weeks.

So now the burning question, should you jump in at this point as the contest goes on for a number of weeks more. I think it is worth the risk as they are clearly honoring the deal, and as long as you get the post cards in shortly, you should be fine. We have not entered my mom yet and I think this weekend will be her turn to play! – René


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  1. Excellent! I received 32 emails yesterday as well. Didn’t do as good as you however; 18,500 points total. I previously received 20 emails so now I am up to 52 of the 94. It appears that about one out of 10 were greater than a 500 point winner based on my small sampling. Sent all of my postcards in the first week of the promo. This is a lot of fun.

  2. That darn Pudding Guy … I cannot tell you how many cases of corn flakes I bought for the “free” AA tickets!

    Did you hand write the return address or use labels or use no return address?

    working on my wife’s second half and then on to my 2 sisters. #carpaltunel

    Oh and thanks for the in depth details on this. I love elevator riding!

  3. “We have not entered my mom yet and I think this weekend will be her turn to play!”

    -Just what Mrs. RenesPoints wanted to hear, huh? Get out that pen Mrs.

  4. Hey TexasYankee I used a return address rubber stamp and ran the envelops thru a printer for the “mail to” address. Yes I am not bright enough to add the return address with the printer so don’t laugh. So far all of mine have been accepted and I got the emails. My wife just started mailing hers’ a couple weeks ago but we did same thing on her entries.

  5. How long did it take them to send you a follow-up email on the $50 gift card win? I won that as well but haven’t seen any follow-up email with the details.

  6. Graydon thanks – this will save me at least 2 more hours writing … now to take care f my wife’s entry cards …

  7. Texas Yankee & Graydon –

    We ran all of our envelopes through our printer and did addresses and postage through our business accounts for a savings on the time and postage costs.

  8. Been following this with great interest and still have another 30 some entries to make. Curious if you actually used postcards for any of the process. Most of my entries had to be written overseas where they don’t sell 3 by 5 note paper so I had to cut many with scissors. If I could use 3 by 5 cards instead, that would make life much easier. Some of the contest clearinghouses are very particular about such distinctions and would throw out cards since the rules asked for paper, but if they’re not making that distinction here, that would be great to know. Others would knock out entries without the quotes , copyright marks etc. so I’ve tried my best in that regard. Hope we all get lots of points and perhaps even greater prizes. Too late for pudding miles but happy to get hotel points!

  9. I got over 50k! Plus, I picked up the Chase IHG card from you link as well that is the all banks one then Chase. Hope I did it right!

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